Aspen Ladd TKO’s Yana Kunitskaya Early In Third Round At UFC On ESPN 7

Aspen Ladd stunned Yana Kunitskaya by a big left hook in the opening seconds of the third round tonight at UFC On ESPN 7 to set her on her way to a TKO victory.

Round One:

Ladd comes out with urgency throwing punches and potentially looking to clinch up here, but Kunitskaya manages to reverse her and press Ladd into the cage.

Knees landing for Kunitskaya now. Ladd almost reverses, but Kunitskaya shows her strength to remain in the clinch. Kunitskaya landing knees, but is grabbing the cage and the referee opts to separate them.

Kunitskaya throws a punch and an elbow. Ladd clinches up again and again Kunitskaya turns her into the cage.

Knee to the body from Kunitskaya. More land now. Ladd tries to push Kunitskaya away and reverse the position, but having a hard time moving her around. However, she then gets a body lock and works a nice trip takedown to end up on top.

Half-guard for Ladd. A minute left as she starts landing a couple of hard elbows. Kunitskaya turning and Ladd takes her back and starts landing repeated ground and pound while practically yelling like a woman possessed with each blow.

She’s getting overly aggressive here considering she’s not securely locked onto Kunitskaya’s back and she eventually slides off and her opponent gets on top just as the round is ending.

Round Two:

Ladd trying to come out aggressively with punches to start the second round, but Kunitskaya is picking her shots more calmly.

She lands a leg kick and then a nice left hand. Another leg kick from Kunitskaya. Punch for Ladd and a side kick from Kunitskaya.

Ladd trying for a takaedown and partially lands it, but Kunitskaya able to work straight back up and press Ladd up against the cage.

Knees from Kunitskaya now. She’s starting to put more emphasis on them now. Ladd fighting to get away and Kunitskaya lands a hard kick to the body as they break away.

Kick from Kunitskaya, but then Ladd moves into another trip takedown and lands it in the center of the Octagon.

Ladd in Kunitskaya’s full guard. She lands a single elbow, but struggling to get much going here as Kunitskaya does her best to lock her offensive weapons down.

Round Three:

Ladd charges forward and lands a left hook that floors Kunitskaya! She gets straight onto her and starts landing big ground and pound. Kunitskaya turns to get away from the blows but that leads to even more venemous ones being hammered down until the referee jumps in to end the fight, handing Ladd an impressive TKO Finish.

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