Azamat Murzakanov Beats Devin Clark By 3rd Round TKO At UFC On ESPN 41

Azamat Murzakanov retained his unbeaten record tonight at UFC On ESPN 41 with a third round TKO finish over Devin Clark.

Round One:

Calf kick for Clark. Cautious opening minute from both men. Overhand left from Murzakanov lands and Clark runs away from further danger.

Body punch for Murzakanov as he commands the center of the Octagon. Another overhand lands for Murzakanov. Low kick from Clark and then swings up a head kick attempt too as he backs out.

Murzakanov with a left hand. Clark looks uncomfortable every time his opponent lets that left hand go, and again it lands and wobbles him for a moment.

Clark with a kick and Murzakanov with the overhand left again. Double jab for Murzakanov now. Clark swiching stances and then lands a head kick, but Murzakanov stumbles but doesn’t fall and then drives into the clinch against the cage.

A couple of knees to the thighs from Murzakanov. He’s trying for a trip now, but Clark stays upright. 10 seconds of the round to go and Murzakanov remains clinched up tightly.

Round Two:

Kick from Clark to start the second round. He misses on a leg kick attempt. Murzakanov stepping in with that left hand, but doesn’t connect.

Murzakanov lands the left hand and Clark looks dazed, but Murzakanov opts to clinch up and that gives Clark time to recover and escape.

Body punch from Murzakanov. Now he steps in even harder with a punch to the midsection. Now Murzakanov clinches up against the cage. He lands a few knees to the leg as Clark is turned almost fully into the cage.

Clark turns into him and then soon after gets away. Yet again the left hand lands for Murzakanov and Clark staggers backwards and falls down.

Murzakanov in half-guard landing some ground-and-pound. Clark kicks him away and finds space to stand, albeit with Murzakanov jumping in with a knee as he did so.

Spinning kick from Clark misses. Side kick from him doesn’t land either. Spinning kick upstairs now grazes off the guard.

left hand for Murzakanov and Clark clinches up and presses him into the cage now. Only 20 seconds of the round remaining. Clark swings with a left and right hand just before the horn, but doesn’t connect.

Round Three:

Clark’s dad was yelling at him to fight harder inbetween rounds, so lets see if he does so.

Clark looking for kicks and Murzakanov lands a solid body punch. Couple of kicks for Clark. Heavy body punch from Murzakanov sinks Clark to the mat.

Murzakanov landing multiple left hands and continues unloading as Clark rolls to his knees to seal a TKO victory at 1.18mins of the final round.

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