‘Baby Cyborg’ Jessica Andrade Campaigning Hard For Angela Magana Fight

Recent strawweight title contender Jessica Andrade is campaigning hard for the chance to fight the outspoken Angela Magana due to the disrespectful way she’s been treating her fellow Brazilian fighter Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino.

Though Magana was punched in the face by ‘Cyborg’ last weekend, her fellow fighters, along with a large number of fans, have shown her little sympathy due to the fact that she had been engaged in an ongoing cyber-bullying campaign against the Brazilian, and has since continued to do so, while apparently taking great pleasure in the fact that it may now lead to criminal charges and a civil lawsuit.

The likes of Miesha Tate, Marloes Coenen, Carla Esparza, Tara LaRosa and Gabi Garcia have all spoken out in support of Justino, but nobody has been more vocal about it than Andrade.

“Ok,so let´s do this…You cant fight Gabi or Cris anyways, so I volunteer to hit you inside the octagon @seanshelby @criscyborg #babycyborg,” Andrade wrote to Magana on Twitter a few days ago.

“Oh @jessicammapro are you part of the juice family too? Are you gonna die at 40? #roadrage #fuckmyendocrinesystem,” Magana defiantly replied.

Andrade was undeterred, however.

@AngelaMagana1 Tick Tock Tick Tock… 4 more days and my suspension from 211 is lifted, #babycyborg is coming… @seanshelby @criscyborg.”

Several days have now passed and Magana has yet to respond to Andrade’s challenge, and meanwhile ‘Baby Cyborg’ has been explaining just why she wants this fight so badly.

“Cris is a big friend of mine and I respect her a lot, and I saw everything that on Twitter, (Magana) disrespecting Cris,” Andrade said. “I think you have to respect every fighter. She was acting like a clown. Cris visited a hospital for people who are battling cancer, something everybody should respect, and she’s making fun of it. That’s ugly.”

“It’s easy to make fun of people who are in different weight classes because you know you can’t fight them. I want to see her do it to me. She likes to get attention talking trash, so talk trash to me and back it up inside the Octagon.”

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