Belal Muhammad Beats Gilbert Burns By Unanimous Decision At UFC 288

Belal Muhammad potentially put himself in line for a title shot at 170lbs tonight in the co-main event of UFC 288 with a unanimous decision victory over Gilbert Burns.

Round One:

Low kick from Burns. Muhammad lands a punch to the body. Now he tries a head kick that’s blocked.

Straight left for Muhammad, who is constantly changing stance. Another left hand for Muhammad. Looping overhand from Burns grazes the target.

Jab for Muhammad. Body kick from Burns and a counter right from Muhammad. Head kick attempt from Burns is blocked.

Body kick lands for Muhammad. Grazing right hand from Burns. Burns with a takedown off a knee strike from Muhammad, but he lands a big awkwardly and his opponent gets straight back up.

Muhammad with another body kick. Inside leg kick from him. Right hook for BUrns. Solid body kick from Burns, but gets caught by a left hand and stumbles backwards and has to right himself.

Another body kick for Burns and again Muhammad is trying to land the left hand in response. Body kick from Muhammad now.

Burns ducks for a punch just as Muhammad throws a kick that lands and knocks him off-balance. Burns seems to be ok though.

Round Two:

Inside low kick for Burns. Kick for Muhammad now. Body kick from Muhammad. Burns steps into range to land a good right hand.

Another kick for Muhammad. he lands another body kick that comes off the arm of Burns. One-two from Muhammad comes off the guard.

Burns steps into a solid right hook. Body kick from Muhammad. Grazing left hand from Burns. Burns with a solid right hand that got Muhammad’s attention. Muhammad misses on a high kick attempt.

Muhammad steps out of range of a punch and then lands a body kick. He lands another one as Burns tries to close the distance and looks to land follow-up punches too.

Another body kick for Muhammad as Burns kicks to the leg. Missed high kick from Muhammad. Burns into range and fires off a right hook.

Calf kick for Burns. Jab from Muhammad. Reaching right hand from him.

Round Three:

Nice calf kick from Burns. Now a body kick, but Muhammad says it strayed to the groin. Muhammad back to it quickly though.

Muhammad coming up short with a couple of punches and then throws a head kick that’s blocked. Missed right hook from Muhammad.

A couple of kicks from Muhammad come off Burns already reddened forearm. Muhammad pressing the pace here. Probing punches and then a couple more head kick attempts come off the guard.

Hard body kick for Muhammad. Burns lacking his usual energy here in what is his third fight of the year already.

Knee for Burns. Another high kick attempt from Muhammad without much behind it. Burns tries a head kick of his own.

More kicks off the arm from Muhammad. Calf kick from Burns. Jab for Muhammad to Burns bloodied nose. Reports from Burns corner is that they are asking him to ‘work though’ something. Not clear what it is yet.

Round Four:

Inbetween rounds Burns is talking about not being able to use his left arm / shoulder so that’s what his corner were referring to earlier. Not clear if this was a pre-existing injury or if it happened earlier in the fight.

Leg kick for Burns. Heavy body kick gets through from Muhammad. Nice jab for him. Burns lands a good right hand. Body kick from Muhammad.

Another body kick again comes off the arm of Burns but it’s worth noting this is actually his right arm that’s been absorbing all these, whereas it seems to be Burns left arm that’s bothering him.

Muhammad continuing to press the action. Burns with a kick though. He lands a right hand well now. Low kick for him.

Burns threatens with a single-leg, but then lets go of it rather than try to complete the takedown. That might have been due to his arm problem as he winced afterwards.

Muhammad back to kicking him. Calf kick lands for Burns. Right hand from Muhammad. Hard straight right gets through for Burns.

Right hand lands for Muhammad now. Another right gets through.

Round Five:

head kick attempt from Muhammad is blocked. Body kick from Burns whiffs the target. He lands a low kick.

Reaching overhand from Burns and a head kick from Muhammad both come up short. Right hook for Muhammad. Body kick for him.

Calf kick from Burns. Now a right hand gets through. Punch scores for Muhammad as they exchange. Calf kick from Burns.

Body kick for Muhammad. Head kick attempt. Burns stomps to the knee. Switch kick to the body from Burns. Right hand exchanged.

Body kick for Muhammad, counter inside leg kick from Burns. Inside leg kick for Burns again. One-two for Muhammad.

Two right hands for Burns who hasn’t seemed to throw his left at all. Grazing right hook from Muhammad. He lands a jab.

Body kick from Muhammad. Straight right for Burns. A couple more kicks to the arm from Muhammad and we’re headed to the scorecards.


A solid striking display from Muhammad then against a potentially compromised Burns and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (50-45, 49-46 x2) to extend his unbeaten run to an impressive 10-fights.

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