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Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul Weigh-In Video

Achievement unlocked: Ben Askren managed to weigh in with even more of a dad bod than during his UFC career yesterday, ahead of his boxing debut against YouTuber Jake Paul.

That’s no mean feat as Askren has never been a physical specimen, but the retired MMA fighter, who not so long had to have a hip replacement, certainly doesn’t appear to have been adhering to the ‘Rocky IV training montage’ regime as he hit the scales at a portly 191lbs.

Meanwhile, as indifferent as Askren seemed to the whole thing, Paul was rippling with nervous energy as he attempted to channel his inner Conor McGregor on-stage, complete with overly exuberant yell on the scales as he weighed in at 191.5lbs, and then exaggerated karate pose during the staredown – every bit as cringeworthy as it sounds.

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