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Ben Nguyen Stuns Tim Elliott With First Round Submission At UFC Fight Night 110

Ben Nguyen made surprisingly short work of Tim Elliott tonight at UFC Fight Night 110, tapping him out in just 49 seconds.

Round One:

Nguyen with an early kick as Elliott works for a takedown. Another kick from Nguyen serves as a deterrent for Elliott as he ducks into takedown territory again.

However, Elliott will not be denied despite eating a knee and manages to bring Nguyen to the mat via a head and arm throw, but his opponent is immediately able to scramble and ends up taking his back.

Elliott stands up, but Nguyen is still clamped onto his back and secures that with a body triangle and then works for the rear-naked choke.

Elliott drops back down to the mat, but he can’t find a way out of Nguyen’s choke and is forced to tap just 49 seconds into the fight!

That’s a big win for Nguyen, particularly managing to submit an extremely tricky grappler and recent flyweight title contender like Elliott on the mat so quickly.

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