Beneil Dariush Defeats Diego Ferreira By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 184

Beneil Dariush extended his winning streak to six fights with his second career victory over Diego Ferreira tonight at UFC Fight Night 184.

Round One:

Circling to start and then Dariush throws a punch combo. Lands first again, this time with a leg kick. Now a straight punch down the middle.

Dariush changes things up with a takedown attempt against the cage. As he brings him down Ferreira is working an armbar and then omaplata attempt. Dariush is free from that and they go back to their feet with Dariush still pressing his opponent to the cage.

Ferreira climbing up trying to get Dariush’s back here. They scramble back to the feet. They exchange big punches. Dariush hitting hard, but he’s getting clipped too at times.

Dariush still throwing caution to the wind with aggressive offense. He lands to the body with a big knee and Ferreira hunches over, clearly hurt. He’s gutting it out though as Dariush takes him down and settles into his full guard. He lands a little ground and pound and then looks to improve position, but Ferreira is very crafty on the mat and manages to disrupt his balance.

Dariush adjusts nicely though and scrambles to secure top position again. Ferreira to his knees and then stands against tha cage. Dariush not giving him space though. He lands a knee as Ferreira does finally break free.

One-two for Ferreira and Dariush seems hurt now. Ferreira taking his time though. Dariush lands a blow, but it doesn’t scare off Ferreira, who lands a front kick to the face shortly afterwards. Ferreira lands again as the round is ending and Dariush still looks a bit wobbled.

Round Two:

Ferreira with a front kick to the body. They both throw heavy punches. Now kicks are traded. Solid leg kick for Dariush.

Two punch combo for Ferreira. Dariush tries for a takedown, but Ferreira sprawls nicely. Dariush keeps on him though and does land a nice takedown.

Dariush working from Ferreira’s full guard here with 90 seconds of the round gone. Dariush stands and almost gets caught with an upkick, then goes back into the guard.

Ferreira rolls to his knees and back to his feet, but Dariush has his back. Ferreira rolls back to the mat and tries for a leg kick, but nothing doing. He scrambles back to his feet and Dariush hops onto his back. He’s not secure there though and backs off it.

Dariush back to striking range, but then is straight into another takedown and lands it. Dariush able to get up quickly this time and now has Dariush pressed up against the cage.

Exchange at close range and Dariush landing an uppercut in there, while Ferreira also connects, but then finds himself being taken down again.

Dariush stands and then drops down with a bombing punch that connects to the head. He’s in half-guard now. Ferreira trying to land elbows from his back as Dariush is also looking to strike.

Ferreira scrambles and gets full guard. Dariush stays tight to him in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Dariush. Exchange of punches and Ferreira landed cleaner there. Jabs for Ferreira. Jab for Dariush now.

Front kick to the body for Dariush. Single leg attempt from Dariush, but doesn’t get it and Ferreira lands a punch on the counter.

Dariush throws heavy leather to set up a takedown, but Ferreira steps away from it. Dariush with a kick that lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Body kick for Ferreira. Now Dariush returns the favor. Left hand for Dariush. Dariush attempting the takedown again and it fails again.

Big left hand connection for Dariush. Sneaky right hanad for Ferreira. Ferrreira with a combination of punches. Hard one-two for Dariush.

Body kick for Dariush, but it’s sluggish and Ferreira catches it and bundles him to the mat. Dariush attempting an upkick. Now he’s working for a leg lock and then works back to his feet.

Right hook for Dariush and Ferreira lands too. Hard stepping knee for Dariush. Now a kick and Ferreira lands a punch on the counter.

Again Dariush working for the takedown. He fails at the first attempt, but continues working for it and gets it at the second attempt. Ferreira turtled and Dariush rolls and secures position on his back.

Dariush looking for a possible choke, but he slides off and Ferreira gets on top. Dariush immediately attempting a leg lock. Ferreira defends that and is looking to get something going on top, but the clock is going to run out before he can do so.


Close fight then as expected, but it’s Dariush who landed the heavier blows on the feet and also got the better of the wrestling, and he gets the victory, though only by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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