Beneil Dariush Delivers Spectacular KO Finish Against Drakkar Klose At UFC 248

Beniel Dariush had to dig deep after being hurt early in the second round of his fight against Drakkar Klose tonight at UFC 248, and he did so in hugely impressive fashion as he would go on to knock him out just seconds later.

Round One:

Dariush pumps out some straight punches. Now he lands a hard body kick. Good right lands for Klose. Both men trading big punches here.

Now Dariush Drives into a takedown against the cage and lands it. Klose able to stand from that and then illegally grabs the cage to prevent another which brings a verbal warning from the referee as the action continues.

Dariush gets to Klose’s back and jumps up onto it. Now Dariush is trying to work his arm under Klose’s chin. He looked like he was getting it where he wanted it, but Klose continues to fight it off for now with half the round remaining.

Dariush giving up on the choke for the time being, but stays on his back. Again Dariush starts to work for this choke and it looks tighter this time, but Klose hangs on in there and manages to escape it again and survive to the end of the round.

Round Two:

Low leg kick for Klose. Now it’s Dariush connecting with one of his own to the inside of the leg. He lands another and Klose complains that hit his groin forcing a quick break.

Klose lands a punch and Dariush is backing up now. Klose blasts him with some more punches and Dariush is in real trouble now.

However, Dariush decides to bite down on his mouthpiece and starts firing back. He lands a big right hook and Klose is on wobbled legs.

Dariush continues moving forward throwing heavy leather and throwing caution to the wind, then connects with an almighty left hand that leaves his opponent with a blank expression on his face and his mouthpiece hanging out of his mouth as he falls almost in slow motion to the canvas. What a comeback knockout that was at the one minute mark of the second round!

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