Beneil Dariush Grinds Out Decision Victory Over Thiago Moises At UFC Fight Night 139

Beneil Darish grinded his way to a decision victory over Thiago Moises at UFC Fight Night 139 tonight, using his grappling advantage to overpower the younger man.

Round One:

Dariush misses with a head kick, but lands a hard body kick afterwards. Another body kick for him. Now he moves in to close the distance and presses Moises up against the cage.

However, Moises goes for a guillotine choke and pulls guard. Dariush escapes that though and looks to settle on top. Instead, Moises works for an armbar and Dariush has to defend that.

He gets free and Moises gets to one knee and looks to stand against the cage. However, Dariush stays on him and lands some knees and then tries to bring him down immediately when he does finally try to stand.

He’s unsuccessful in that attempt, but Dariush keeps him pressed up against the cage. Dariush looks for the takedown, but Moises defends and keeps upright. Moises tries for his own takedown, but Dariush defends that nicely.

Moises tries for another guillotine, but Dariush gets out of that easily and stays on top. Moises able to stand back up and he trhows a kick.

Dariush works back into the safety of the clinch up against the cage. He’s trying for the takedown, but Moises defends initially, then succumbs to it eventually.

Dariush landing a few punches and Moises gives up his back as he turtles. Moises works to his back again as Dariush drops down som hard elbows to end the round.

Round Two:

Moises with a few early punches. Head kick attempt from Dariush. Kick from Moises as well. Dariush into the clinch, gets the body lock and works hard to bring Moises to the ground successfully.

High half-guard for Dariush. Moises elevates him though and works back to full guard. Elbow lands for Dariush. He postures looking for punches.

Moises finds a little space and manages to scramble to his feet, but Dariush is straight back on him. He moves around to Moises back against the cage. Moises goes down to one knee. He stands back up momentarily, but Dariush is wearing on him and he goes back to a knee again.

Not too much happening here as Moises stands again and Dariush continues to stay on his back. Moises fully on the mat now. He turtles and gives up his back. Dariush taking it and falls back with a rear-naked choke attempt. Moises defending for now with 30 seconds of the round remaining.

Moises hanging in there as Dariush opts to just land some light punches to the body and head in the final seconds.

Round Three:

Spinning wheel kick misses for Moises. However, he then lands a flush punch that gets Dariush’s attention and he soon after moves back into the clinch.

Not for the first time in this fight Moises jumps for a guillotine choke, but Dariush soon frees himself from it and settles into half-guard.

dariush throwing some ground and pound strikes to stay busy, but still mostly focusing on control. Moises scrambles to his knees and Dariush takes his back and goes back to working for the rear-naked choke.

Half the round remaining as Dariush starts cranking on the choke. Moises manages to defend for now, but Dariush is still latched onto him with his body lock in tight.

Moises trying for a reversal now, but Dariush recognises it and remains on top in the final minute. Moises trying to find a way to scramble back to his feet, but turtling on his knees leads to Dariush landing some more punches in the final seconds of the fight.


Dariush grinds his way to a unanimous decision victory then to get back to winning ways (30-25 x2, 30-26).

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