Beneil Dariush Submits Drew Dober With Armbar At UFC Fight Night 146

Beneil Dariush got off to a rough start against Drew Dober tonight at UFC Fight Night 146, being dropped twice in the stand-up exchanges, but things started to swing in his favor when he got Dober to the mat in the second round and then finished him with an armbar.

Round One:

Dariush tries for a head kick as Dober counters with a punch. Dariush lands a jab. Solid leg kick from Dariush. Now a front kick upstairs that partially lands. Dober with a punch and then tries to clinch up, but it’s Dariush who preses him to the cage.

A couple of knees to the body from Dariush. Now they break away. jab and a leg kick from Dariush. Tries to go upstairs, but doesn’t land.

Jab for Dariush, but gets clipped by a counter and looks wobbled. They fight on but then Dariush clinches and Dober obliges, which gives him time to recover.

Dariush settling again and tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Big punch from Dober hurts Dariush again. Left hand behind it. Dariush clinching against the cage now. He tries to bring Dober down, but doesn’t get it. He goes again, but Dober frustrating him and then managing to break free.

Right hook lands for Dober. Now a leg kick. Dariush with a leg kick. Solid knee to the body from Dariush and then into the clinch near the center of the cage. He tries to trip Dober, but fails.

He settles for pressing Dober up to the cage instead. Knee to the body from Dariush and then Dober reverses the position. Hook from Dober. Now a body shot as they separate. He tries for a flying knee and misses as the first round action comes to a close.

Round Two:

Dober lands a punch as Dariush head kicks to start and it drops him down for the second time in the fight. Dariush gets back up quicly though and clinches Dober up against the cage.

Dariush working for a double leg and lands it. Dober backing up to the cage, but Dariush flattens him out right against the fence in half guard.

This is where he wants the fight and he tries to pass to mount, but for now his leg remains in half-guard. There’s a real battle here and Dariush manages to get to full mount. Dober tries to put him back into his guard, but Dariush stays in mount.

Dober looking to get up now and Dariush stands for a moment, but then scrambles and stays on top, then secures mount again. He lands an elbow and posstures up for more punches.

Dober scrambles, but Dariush rides to the back. Dober standing though and Dariush is latched on his back and trying for an armbar, but falls off!

Dober trying to work on top, but Dariush gets on top again and tries for a triangle choke and then applies the armbar. Dober is trying to fight out of this as best he can, but it’s easier said than done and then suddenly he’s tapping out! Dariush gets the submission finish with 4.41mins of the second round gone.

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