Beneil Dariush TKO’s Scott Holtzman With Spinning Backfist At UFC On ESPN+ 32

Beneil Dariush continued his winning streak tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 32 with a highlight-reel spinning backfist TKO victory over Scott Holtzman.

Round One:

Dariush reaches out with a punch, but it’s Holtzman who lands on the counter. Dariush with a body kick that’s partially caught. Dariush suffers an eyepoke in another exchange and that forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. Inside leg kick for Holtzman. Holtzman with a short flurry of punches. Dariush landing a nice straight, but also gets another eyepoke for his troubles, but after another pause he’s back to it.

Dariush surging forward now throwing punches and Holtzman is looking to fire back. Dariush gets Holtzman up against the cage though and is working for a takedown. Holtzman doing a good job of staying upright for now though as they battle in the clinch.

Holtzman does a good job of circling out and getting back to striking range. Dariush firing heavy leather and connects with a big knee upstairs. Holtzman rocked but still fighting on. Dariush with a second knee. Dariush looking for more, but needs to be careful of being countered as his chin has let him down.

Dariush on the offensive and Holtzman goes to the mat. He’s able to work himself back to his feet though. In the clinch Dariush lands a knee to the body.

They go back to striking range. Holtzman has a cut to the side of his left eye. Kick for Dariush. Now a left hand and just misses with an uppercut.

Head kick attempt from Dariush misses. Dariush lands a punch, moves away from the counter and then sends out another punch.

Dariush throwing caution to the wind as he swings for the fences and somehow Holtzman manages to eat another big blow.

However, seconds later Dariush steps into a spinning backfist and his forearm connects with Holtzman’s head and sends him falling to the canvas to secure an impressive TKO finish at 4.38mins of the first round.

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