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Benito Lopez Beats Albert Morales By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 123

Benito Lopez landed some big flying knees and body kicks en-route to a competitive unanimous decision victory over Albert Morales at UFC Fight Night 123 in Fresno this evening.

Round One:

Lopez pressing forward immediately with a series of punches and then a head kick. Morales takes it though. Lopez lands a couple of body kicks.

Morales attempts a takedown, but Lopez stuffs it. Straight right from Morales buckles Lopez’s legs and he goes to ground for a brief moment.

However, Lopez gets straight back up and hammers Morales with a trademark jumping knee that has him rocked! Crazy action here as Lopez goes in for the kill and lands another huge flying knee that floors Morales!

Lopez goes to the mat with him and locks in a one-armed guillotine choke, but Morales patiently toughs it out and then eventually gets back to his feet.

Morales Immediately goes on the offensive and reels off punches as Lopez attempts another flying knee that misses. Morales now has a back clinch on his opponent up against the cage and gradually starts to rough him up with some punches.

Back elbow to the head from Lopez and then he tries to peel off Morales’ grip. That’s easier said than done though and Morales ends the round still clinched to his back.

Round Two:

Lopez with a head kick attempt to start the second. Jabs land for both men. Push kick to maintain distance from Lopez. Now a big body kick from him.

Leg kick for Morales. He misses with another. left hook lands for him. Quick punches to set up a kick. Now it’s Lopez who lands a spinning kick to the body.

head kick at least partially lands from Lopez. Upping the intensity Lopez follows that up with a flurry of punches, but Morales takes that and looks unphasesd.

Another good body kick for Lopez. leg kicks for Morales. Jab apiece and then a brief flurry from Morales. Spinning kick upstairs from Lopez fails to find the target.

Leg kick for Morales. Spinning kick attempt from Lopez misses. Morales with another chopping kick to the leg, and ends the round with that same move.

Round Three:

Kick upstairs from Lopez is blocked. leg kick for Morales. And again as Lopez lands a jab. Body kick for Morales. Lopez thinks about the head kick again, but doesn’t fully commit to it.

leg kick for Lopez and then a head kick that lands, but Morales takes it well and continues throwing punches. leg kick for Morales. Lopez with a punch to the body.

Morales lands to the body with a hook. Straight right for Morales. Lopez greets Morales with a left hook as he moves forward. Leg kick for Morales. Lopez lands one of his own.

Morales continuing to chip away with leg kicks, scoring points. Lopez with a kick that’s almost caught by Morales. Lopez circling and then they both work leg kicks. Lopez trying to get upstairs with front kicks to no avail.

Spinning body kick misses for Lopez. Flying knee attempt for him doesn’t pay off. Spinning kick also foiled. He thinks about a superman punch off the cage, but Morales blasts him with a final straight punch as the round ends.


A close, competitive fight here with Lopez landing the flashier strikes, while Morales had the higher output at times. In the end though the judges are unanimous in ther decision that Lopez won (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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