Bobby Green Convincingly Beats Nasrat Haqparast By Unanimous Decision At UFC 271

Bobby Green emerged a convincing winner on the scorecards against Nasrat Haqparast tonight at UFC 271 after putting on a boxing masterclass.

Round One:

Green with a jab to start. Now a right hand as Haqparast keeps a high guard. Haqparast flashes out an uppercut.

Green lands to the body and then follows up with an inside leg kick. Another right hand for Green. And again. Eyepoke from Haqparast forces a brief stoppage for Green to recover.

Left and a right for Haqparast and then punches to the body. Another body punch for Haqparast, but gets an eyepoke at the same time and now he’s being given a little time to recover.

They quickly get back to it after a stern warning from the ref to clean up their work. Leg kick for Haqparast. Green looks for a combo, but then Haqparast counters with a couple of solid punches.

Haqparast with a left hook and then a right hand behind it. Green doubles up on the jab. Missed leg kick from Haqparast but then wades forward with hooks that Green mostly backs away from.

They trade hard punches and Green evaded some of Haqparast’s work, but did get caught a couple of times.

Hard right and a left from Green. Now a body punch. Jab again. Body kick from Haqparast. A little blood trickling from high on Haqparast’s left cheek as the round ends with them squaring up to each other.

Round Two:

Green pumps out the jab and lets off a fight straights too, but mostly coming off Haqparast’s guard. More punches from him and Haqparast tries to counter with an overhand.

Heavy punches from Green and Haqparast threatens with a head kick that comes off the guard. Haqparast looking to counter as he launches another overhand.

Green working to the body and head now and seems to be in his element. Short flurry from Haqparast lands though.

Piston-like straight punches from Green. Haqparast loading up punches trying to find Green’s largely elusive head. leg kick does land for him though.

Haqparast lands a punch. Green works well to the body and then lands cleanly upstairs too after drawing the guard down.

Overhand from Haqparast. Right hand for him. Green piercing through the guard with straight punches. Green ducks and finds a home for a right hand.

Overhand to the side of the head from Haqparast. Solid body punch from Haqparast and then a body kick too.

Jab for Green and a punch in return for Haqparast. He’s backed Green up against the cage momentarily. Head kick attempt from Haqparast partially landed, but not with much power.

Fast flurry from Green and Haqparast is now starting to bite down on his mouthpiece and return with his own volleys of punches too, leading to an exciting few seconds of action to end the round. Green is jawing at him before they go back to their corners.

Round Three:

A few punches from Green and overhand counter from Haqparast. Green thinks about a takedown, but doesn’t commit.

Nice right hand step-back counter from Green. He lands the jab again and makes Haqparast miss with a loaded up left hand.

Haqparast continuing to try to land a big left, but Green is the one connecting with cleaner punches. Now he lands to the body.

Another good right hand counter for Green. He ducks under another overhand attempt. Jab to the body and Haqparast returns fire with a body kick.

Nice straight left for Green in among of a flurry of punches. The jab continues to find spaces in Haqparast’s high guard.

left hand from Haqparast. Another left and right from Green while his head movement remains on-point.

90 seconds left. Double jab for Green. Now two quick left hands for good measure. back to the jab. Haqparast flashes out the left hand, but he needs more volume and sooner rather than later.

Another crisp flurry from Green. Jab to the body and head. Now a left hook and steps away. Front kick attempted upstairs by Haqparast.

left hand for Green and makes Haqparast miss with a counter. Head kick doesn’t pay for Haqparast either. Green finishes the round with another one-two.


Green dictated the striking exchanges from start to finish with his constant clean punches and evasive head movement, leading him to a unanimous decision win (30-27 x3).

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