Brandon Davis Beats Steven Peterson By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 126

Brandon Davis emerged victorious against Steven Peterson by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 126.

Round One:

Peterson coming out fast, but Davis is there to greet him with straight punches. Head kick attempt from Davis misses. He follows up with more hard left and rights.

Good leg kick from Davis. Another lands. Peterson’s right eye is already showing signs of damage. Low leg kick for Davis, now one to the thigh on the other leg.

Davis looks sharper with his hands so far and Peterson hasn’t been finding a home for many of his punches yet. Peterson pumps out the jab.

leg kick for Davis. He goes to it again. Another one and then Peterson responds with one of his own. Nice body kick for Peterson.

Davis charges in with a single right hand. Decent punch for Peterson, but it’s then Davis returning fire with a crisper combination.

Both men exchange and Davis gets the better of it, landing a clean right hand. Davis ducking under a punch. His straight punches are continuing to be effective.

Spinning backfist from Davis now. He almost catches a kick. Good right hand gets through. Now a push kick. Grazing left hand from Peterson.

Round Two:

Peterson still marching forward and looking to lands his punches and kicks, but then ducks into a takedown attempt thats stuffed.

Davis makes Peterson miss a punch and then counters with one of his own. one-two for Peterson. Kick to the body for Davis.

Nice knee to the head from Peterson. Right hand for Davis. He unleashes a three-piece combo and connects with it. His range has been dialed in from early on in this contest.

Another right for Davis. Peterson continuing to Push the pace and eats two hard left hands for his trouble. Nice punch and elbow combo from Peterson.

all guts and determination from Peterson at this point as he tries to break Davis with his high work rate. Peterson looking to get the fight to the mat and gets back mount, but he slips off and Davis ends up on top.

Peterson able to get back u pto his feet and they jockey for position against the cage. Peterson tries for a takedown, but Davis is fighting it off for the time being. Peterson gets around to his back, but Davis spins around and they continue to battle for position.

30 seconds of the round remaining and Peterson does manage to get Davis down to the mat. Half guard for Peterson, but not enough time for him to land anything more than a few punches to the body.

Round Three:

Nice punches from Davis to start the third. However, Peterson lands too now to show he can still be a threat on the feet as well as with takedowns.

Jab firing out from Peterson. His constant pressure is being somewhat effective now since Davis is starting to slow down a bit. Punches land again for Peterson.

Spinning backfist attempt from Davis. In close Davis lands a nice elbow. Solid body kick for Peterson. Now a body punch for Davis, but he’s definitely slowing down in the third.

However, Davis is opening more cuts on Peterson’s face and he’s got blood smeared across it. Nice defense from Davis to avoid a takedown attempt.

Davis landing again as Peterson moves forward. Hard right hand counter from him. Peterson tries for a takedown, but he leaves his head hanging and Davis blasts him with a big knee that has him on wobbling all over the Octagon for a few moments.

Davis tries to put him away with more offense, but Peterson somehow stays upright and motions to the crowd to cheer, which they gladly do.

Peterson ten recklessly charges forward with a flying knee and a flying kick. He eats a head kick and keeps coming. It’s a great display of heart and toughness to end the round, but getting rocked earlier in the round may prove to be costly for him as we head to the scorecards.


The judges aren’t in any doubt here, with Brandon Davis’ superior striking ensuring a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28, 30-26).

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