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Brandon Royval Submits Kai Kara-France With Guillotine Choke At UFC 253

An action-packed flyweight fight on the main card of UFC 253 tonight saw Brandon Royval secure a second round guillotine choke submission victory over Kai Kara-France.

Round one:

Head kick attempt from Royval, but Kara-France knocks him off his feet with a leg kick. He gets right back up.

Kara-France lands a hard right hand and Royval buckles, gets back up and then buckles again. However, as he’s getting back up and Kara-France moves in for the kill Royval suddenly throws a spinning elbow and it’s Kara-France’s turn to buckle to the mat. Crazy action!

As Kara-France looks to get up Royval lands a knee to keep him down. There’s a wild scramble on the mat and Royval works an omaplata and gets on top. Good position for him, but Kara-France escapes and they get back to their feet.

Missed kick from Royval and a spinning back-fist attempt. Royval firing off big strikes here. He hurts Kara-France with a body blow and he drops. Royval goes to ground with him. He tries for a choke, but Kara-France survives and gets back up right.

Back to striking range. Frantic pace here. Big right hand for Kara-France. Royval marches forward swinging more big strikes, but then Kara-France clocks him with another right hand.

Round Two:

Royval with kicks to start the second round. Kara-France ducks down and is looking for a takedown, hoisting Royval up into the air, but his opponent counters by locking in a guillotine choke.

Kara-France has to go to ground as Royval cranks on the choke and he can’t get his head free and is forced to tap out – big win for Royval at 0.48mins of the second round!

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