Brendan Allen Defeats Kyle Daukaus By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 12

Brendan Allen got the better of Kyle Daukaus on the scorecards after an exciting back-and-forth battle tonight at UFC On ESPN 12.

Round One:

Hard body kick from Daukaus. Allen with a punch. Body kick from Allen. Daukaus works for a takedown, but Allen stuffs it.

Daukaus still working for this, but Allen blasts him with a knee to the head and Daukaus goes down. Allen all over him now and looking for a finish.

Daukaus partially turning his back and Allen settles on top here and lands some hard punches. Now Allen thinks about a rear-naked choke. Daukaus rolls, but Allen stays latched onto his back, with his own back pressed up against the cage.

However, Daukaus manages to reverse the position and now he’s taking Allen’s back. Allen down on one knee and Daukaus is looking to keep him there and improve his position.

There’s a scramble and Daukaus remains on his back and tries for a rear-naked choke. However, now it’s Allen’s turn to produce a reversal and settles in Daukaus’ full guard. Nice elbow from Allen and then another. Daukaus is bleeding heavily from a cut to his right eyebrow now.

Allen in half-guard, but doesn’t have a lot of time to work before the round ends.

Round Two:

Allen leads with a right hand and then a body punch too. Jab from Daukaus. Double jab for Daukaus, but a harder punch in return from Allen. Daukaus gets payback with a hard punch of his own.

Nice one-two from Daukaus and then a takedown. However, Allen is able to reverse and is in Daukaus’ guard. Another hard elbow for him.

Allen postures and tries to land, then back into the guard. Daukaus trying to stand and Allen goes for a guillotine choke. He drops back with it, but it’s not going to pay off and Daukaus is now on top as a result.

Daukaus in half-guard with light punches to the body. A few punches land for Daukaus. Allen gets back to full guard. Now Allen uses an omaplata to reverse and get on top. Good work for him.

Allen working from full guard now in the final minute of the round. Hard elbow lands for him, and another.

Daukaus starting to work towards getting up, getting to one knee and then standing. Allen doesn’t let him off the hook though, landing two uppercuts, the second of which drops him to his knees just as the round ends.

Round Three:

Left hand from Allen. Good one-two for Daukaus and ten more behind it, before transitioning to a takedown attempt against the cage.

Allen goes down trying for a guillotine, but slides off that and Daukaus gets a chance to work from full guard. Daukaus lands an elbow strike.

Allen tries to roll out, but Daukaus stops that and is now in side control. Allen turns onto his knees. Allen is now pouring with blood from a cut, likely from the earlier elbow.

Allen has his back and pulls him on top of him as he starts looking for a rear-naked choke, while also sinking in the body lock.

Allen turns, but Daukaus stays firmly on his back and he gives up on that. Again Allen tries to turn and Daukaus tries to sink the choke in. Allen defends it successfully though.

Daukaus softening him up with light punches. Allen trying hard to turn into Daukaus and he manages it and is immediately throwing a hard punch. He’s on top and launches into a huge punch trying to knock Daukaus out. It doesn’t do that, but he does end the round on top and we’re headed to the judges to decide this hard-fought battle.


The judges are unanimous in their decision and it’s Allen who emerges victorious (29-28, 29-27, 30-27), but credit to Daukaus too for making it very competitive.

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