Brendan Allen Submits Andre Muniz In Final Minute At UFC Fight Night 220

Brendan Allen tapped out Andre Muniz with just 35 seconds remaining in tonight’s UFC Fight Night 220 main event in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Inside low kick for Allen to start and Muniz lands one of his own. Allen goes for the same technique again.

Body kick for Muniz now. Right hand from Allen. Body kick for Allen. Hook kick attempt from Allen doesn’t pay off.

Right hand from Allen seems to wobble Muniz slightly. Low kick for Allen and a now reaching straight punch.

Left hook from Muniz and an inside low kick. Now a nice spinning kick to the body from Muniz.

Grazing right hand from Allen and now a body kick. Three-piece combo from Muniz. Another inside low kick from Allen.

Hard right hand from Muniz after a low kick. Body kick for Allen. Now one in return from Muniz. Flurry of punches for Muniz and then works into a takedown attempt. He’s got the single here, but Allen manages to break free.

Body punch from allen and then tries to land one upstairs. Accidental eyepoke from Muniz as he was throwing a kick forces a stoppage for Allen to recover.

Body punch from Allen. Front kick to the body for him. Brief flurry of straight punches from Muniz without landing too cleanly. Jumping kick from Muniz.

Round Two:

Low kick for Muniz. Body kick from Allen. Now Muniz trying for a head kick that comes off the shoulder.

Solid one-two for Muniz. Jab for Allen. Kick to the body from Muniz. Spinning backfist attempt from Allen misses.

Jumping knee attempt from Muniz comes up short. Flurry from Muniz comes off the guard. Allen with a punch to back Muniz up against the cage and lands a knee.

left hand and a right from Muniz. Muniz works into the clinch and drags Allen to the mat, but their momentum enables Allen to roll on top.

Elbow strike and a punch from Allen inside the guard. Allen taking his time and then nicely passes to side control as we reach the final minute of the round.

Allen pressing his elbow into Muniz’s neck. Final 10 seconds and Muniz is attempting to scramble out, but is unable to.

Round Three:

Spinning body kick misses from Muniz. Nice right hand from him. Good flurry from Muniz and his right hand is landing again.

One-two for Muniz and then a left hand. He’s finding the mark consistently here. Allen works to the body and then upstairs.

Another spinning body kick from Muniz misses. He stomps to the lead leg. Allen darts into a punch but stumbles in the process and then just gets out the way in time as Muniz launches a strike.

left hand for Muniz. Allen lands and Muniz returns fire. Grazing left hand from Muniz and a kick, but Allen catches it and then works a big takedown off it.

That’s a big moment for Allen and he’s in side control with a little over 90 seconds to go.

Allen steps almost into full mount and ends up taking the back. Allen sinking in a rear-naked choke but Muniz fights it off with a minute to go.

Allen trying to soften him up and puts the choke in again. Muniz grimacing and then is forced to tap out, big rear-naked choke win for Allen against the submission specialist at 4.25mins of the final round!

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