Brendan Allen Submits Paul Craig In 3rd Round At UFC Fight Night 232

Brendan Allen got the better of the ground battle against Paul Craig tonight at UFC Fight Night 232, eventually leading to a third round rear-naked choke finish.

Round One:

The middleweight main event is underway in Las Vegas!

Early leg kick for Allen. Right hand gets through the guard for Allen. Allen with a leg kick now.

Body punch for Allen. They clinch up and Craig walks Allen over to the cage. Craig ducks down trying for the takedown, but Allen prevents that. Craig stays clinching up.

Allen able to work a throw to get the fight to the mat. Allen in a high half-guard here, but Craig has his leg grapevined to stop him from passing further. Suddenly Allen swoops on a choke, but though it’s tight Craig counters with a calf slicer. Allen has to let go of his submission and then goes for a leg lock of his own. They both end up letting go on the attempts as they scramble and Allen goes back on top, ending the round there.

Round Two:

Allen with a big one-two and Craig lands a counter hook, but it’s Craig who came off worst off there and wobbles a bit. Allen goes for the takedown and craig is happy to go down.

Allen in Craig’s guard. He stands over him and Craig goes for butterfly guard. Allen passes to half-guard then into full mount.

Craig working back to half-guard, but meanwhile Allen is working for a choke. Craig survives that attempt though.

Good elbow strike from Allen. He postures up and lands another. Craig bleeding significantly now from his right eyebrow.

More elbows landing for Allen. He leaves some space and Craig throws his legs up looking for the triangle choke, but Allen steers clear. More elbows from Allen and Craig’s cut is getting worse.

A minute to go and another hard elbow lands for Allen. Allen in high half-guard. Craig rolls to his knees. Allen takes his back and tries for a rear-naked choke, but there’s only a few seconds remaining and so we head to the third round of this potential five-rounder.

Round Three:

Jab for Craig. Body punch for Allen and then a couple of good hooks upstairs. Craig thinking about a takedown, but Allen working for a guillotine and then gets the takedown.

Allen able to get to the back enough to seize on a rear-naked choke attempt and it’s immediately in tight and forces Craig to tap out at 0.38mins of the third round.

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