Brian Ortega Taps Out Cub Swanson In Style At UFC Fight Night 123

Brian Ortega maintained his impressive unbeaten record against Cub Swanson tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 123, showing off more of his high-level submission game in the process.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Fresno, California.

Leg kick for Swanson and then one for Ortega. A punch to the body from Swanson and then another leg kick. Again the exchange low kicks.

A couple of punches from Swanson to the head are blocked. Missed punches from Swanson this time though and then Ortega fires back in return.

Push kick for Swanson and then a chopping leg kick. jab for Ortega. Had kick upstairs from Swanson is blocked. A couple of punches get through for Ortega. Nice body punch from Swanson, then back to the leg kick.

Swanson threatens with some big punches with plenty of mustard on them. Nice left hand a right behind it for him. Jab gets through for Swanson as Ortega gets a leg kick.

One-two for Ortega. Good body strike for Swanson. Now two jabs to the midsection for him. Leg kick for Swanson. He steps in with a solid punch.

Ortega suddenly closes the distance to the clinch and drops down with a guillotine choke. It looks tight and he’s all over Swanson with it, but there’s just not enough time to finish it off!

Round Two:

Leg kick for Swanson. Ortega presses forward quickly looking for opportunities to strike, but comes up empty handed. Leg kick for Swanson. Nice left hand for Ortega. BOth flash out left hooks.

Another left hook for Swanson and then two rights behind it. Ortega pumps out the jab. Good jab for Swanson. Now a right for Swanson.

Head kick attempt for ‘T-City’ is blocked. Good body shot for Swanson. Another hard shot to the midsection. Now an uppercut for Swanson. T-City marching through these punches though.

Swanson connects again and Ortega opts to close the distance and clinches up against the cage. Uppercut from Swanson.

Just as he did late in the first round, Ortega suddenly wraps in a guillotine choke and tries to pull guard with it. Swanson stays upright, but Ortega is still on him and finds time to readjusts his grip and soon after Swanson is frantically tapping out with 3.22mins of the second round gone.

This was a dangerous fight for Ortega, but he passed the test with flying colors thanks to his hugely impressive submission game and takes his unbeaten record to 13-0 (+1nc), leaving a title shot as a real possibility at some stage in 2018.

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