Bryan Barberena TKO’s Robbie Lawler Late In 2nd Round At UFC 276

Bryan Barberena emerged victorious via TKO in a back-and-forth slugfest with Robbie Lawler tonight at UFC 276, dazing him with big elbows and rapid-fire punches in the second round until the referee was eventually forced to step in.

Round One

Leg kick from Barberena to start. He lands another inside. Another couple of low kicks from Barberena and Lawler didn’t like the second one much.

Nice punch from Lawler to the body. He lands another clean left upstairs this time. Now to the body again.

Inside leg kick for Barberena. Lawler lets his hands go, but only some found the target and Barberena fires back. Nice punch from Barberena.

Lawler gets into range and works to the body and head nicely. Barberena goes to the body now. Lawler in a phone booth and covering up then firing off solid shots, with a big uppercut snapping back Barberena’s head.

Barberena starting to get a few light punches through Lawler’s guard and then starts to put more power behind them.

Lawler back to the body and then leg kicks. Lawler trying to keep this toe-to-toe and use superior defense in close, but Barberena is peppering him with lots of light punches and even throws in an elbow in there too.

When Lawler lands he’s scoring with heavier shots though. Barberena wearing them well for now. Head kick attempt from Barberena just glances the target, but he slips afterwards as the round draws to a close.

Round Two:

Barberena flicking out the jab. He gets a nice punch through and then backs off. Busy hands from Barberena without much power behind them and then Lawler hits him with a couple of powerful punches. Now a heavy jab from Lawler.

Jab lands again for Lawler. Barberena presses forward with a flurry and gets stuck again by a big punch from Lawler.

Lawler starts to stalk Barberena now. Kick from Barberena. He lands a left hand. Both men land a punch in a brief exchange.

Jab still working for Lawler. Calf kicks from Barberena. Power jab doing damage for Lawler. One-two for Lawler grazes the target.

Right hook counter lands for Lawler. A few right hands from Lawler. Now a left hand as Barberena swings wild without success.

Lawler picks out a nice punch. umping elbow from Barberena. He lands again and Lawler seems a bit hurt and is backing up and covering up more. Another lead elbow for Barberena lands hard. Heavy hook from Barberena. Lawler trying to fire back but still might be a bit dazed.

Barberena stays on the offensive with volume punching that Lawler is having difficulty evading now, and then a big punch rocks Lawler. Barberena recognizes it and starts throwing a series of hard left and right hands as Lawler continues to wilt badly against the cage.

Lawler looks on the verge of being sunk to the canvas as the ref rushes in and saves him from further damage, with Barberena getting the big TKO victory at 4.47mins of the second round.

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