Carlos Condit Defeats Matt Brown By Decision At UFC On ABC 1

Carlos Condit made it two wins in a row today at UFC On ABC 1 with a unanimous decision victory over Matt Brown.

Round One:

Condit unleashes punches followed by a kick to start the fight off as Brown was pressing into range.

Right hand lands for Brown. Now an outside leg kick for him. Head kick attempt from Condit. He tries again and it’s blocked by Brown.

leg kick for Condit. Now a body kick for him. Brown clinches up and takes him to the mat. Interesting tactics from Brown, trying to make the most of Condit’s takedown defense weakness.

Brown seems to be bleeding from a cut to the head that may have come from hitting the cage in the midst of the takedown, but on the upside he does have the advantage of being in top control in Condit’s guard close to the cage.

Condit trying to work a few elbows off his back. Brown happy to work methodically on top here. Condit trying to make space to get a submission going. Brown postures up to fend that off and lands a punch. Condit again fishing for potential submission set-ups here.

Condit able to get some space and starts to work up, then pulls off a nice switch to get on top. Not long to work here though. Brown trying for a leg lock, but eats a few punches to the face for his troubles as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick and then one upstaris from Condit. he then marches forward throwing a series of punches and a kick behind it again.

Big elbow for Brown. Condit acking up a bit. head kick attempt from Condit is blocked. Left hand for Brown. Right hook for Condit and a solid body kick.

Condit misses a stepping punch and Brown tried for a takedown off of that, but didn’t get it. Kick from Brown as Condit was trying for one of his own and it knocks him off-balance to the mat, but he’s straight back up again.

Brown in on another takedown from the clinch, but Condit shrugs it off. Condit with a combination of strikes. Brown into the clinch again and marches Brown over the cage. It’s clear he fancies his chances of winning this fight from the clinch and on the mat, but so far in this round he’s not been able to get him down.

They go back to striking range. Two punches land from Condit. Lovely leg sweep takedown from Condit out of nowhere. Brown working hard to get back up, but Condit is able to finally secure top position and starts to work from Brown’s guard.

Elbow from Condit. he lands another in addition to a few punches to the body. 60 seconds of the round remaining and Condit is still sneaking in a few elbow strikes.

Condit traps an arm and starts to work the crucifix position, but can’t secure it fully. Back into Brown’s guard he goes and starts to work his elbows and punches again. Not over-exerting himself, but clearly winning the round and piecing up the already bloodied Brown a bit in the process. Good round for him.

Round Three:

Looked like a nice kick from Condit, but unfortunately it landed to the cup and so there’s a brief stoppage for him to recover.

He’s soon back to it. Jabs from Condit and then an outside leg kick. He tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Uppercut and a kick for him. Brown thinks about a takedown, but he looks a bit tired there and Condit shrugged it off.

Again Brown into the clinch in the center of the Octagon. Condit marches him over to the cage, but then Brown foot sweeps him. Condit only down for a second though and back up before Brown capitalizes.

Brown fails on a takedown and Condit looks to get on top himself and is able to jump onto his back. He looks a bit high but is able to hang on. Brown turtled up now. He tries to get up, but Condit is eager to keep him down. Half-guard for Condit. Now he takes his back and is trying to get the body triangle locked in. Brown scrambles though and now it’s his time to get on top.

90 seconds left and Brown gets into Condit’s full guard and prepares to go to work. Condit working a high guard now and starts to land a few punches to the head from his back.

Condit able to scramble and stand up, but Brown is clinging on desperately to one of his feet. Condit breaks free and lands an elbow. Condit looking to bring Brown down, but Brown rolls and ends up on top.

Final 10 seconds. Brown happy to stay here, while Condit is trying to work a final reversal that doesn’t pay-off, so we’re headed to the scorecards to settle this one.


The judges are unanimous in their decision and award Carlos Condit a clean sweep on the scorecards (30-27 x3).

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