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Carlos Condit Explains How He Came To Retirement Decision

Carlos Condit announced his retirement from the sport at 37 just a few days and now the former interim UFC welterweight champion has explained how he came to that decision.

“It was time,” Condit told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “For a lot of different reasons. After that last fight, I felt like I had put together a good camp, and I was just a step behind Max [Griffin].

“I feel like I could really try to tweak things, and I could try to figure out what’s missing, what part of the formula isn’t working right now and then go and test it again and test it again, but that’s a tough thing to do. That’s a tough thing to do because ultimately I have to go and put myself on the firing line to see if what I’m doing is working.

“At a certain point there’s diminishing returns, so I think it’s time to move on.”

A further sign that it was a good time to hang up his gloves came when Condit noted that he wasn’t taking his loss as hard as he would have done in the past.

“I’d been leaving a hotel room after a loss and been p*ssed off and leaving all my gear in a real salty mood and basically, ‘I’m done with this sh*t,’” Condit recalls of his previous defeats. “But this time was different. I wasn’t salty about it. I just felt like it was the right move.

“Probably about three weeks or a month ago, I called Dana and I let him know, so this thing has been coming down the pipe for a little while.”

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