Cezar Ferreira Defeats Nate Marquardt By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 120

Cezar Ferreira edged out Nate Marquardt tonight in a close fight at UFC Fight Night 120 that ended by way of split decision.

Round One:

Cautious start from both men in the opening minute, though Ferreira does land a leg kick. Marquardt goes for a right and left hand combo thats blocked. He tries to pressure Ferreira with more offense against the cage, but he circles out.

Low leg kick for Ferreira and then one in return from Marquardt. Ferreira clips Marquardt with a punch. He goes for a head kick, but it’s blocked.

Good left hand for Ferreira catches Marquardt cleanly. Now a body kick. Marquardt would like a takedown, but nothing doing for now.

Front kick to the body for ‘Mutante’. Now a head kick that’s blocked. Another leg kick. And another, harder this time. Marquardt with a leg kick of its own that knocks Ferreira off-balance for a moment.

Right hand gets through for Marquardt and that’s the final action of the opening five minutes.

Round Two:

Light le gkick for Marquardt. Ferreira returns the favor, but it’s checked. ‘Mutante’ goes back to the low leg kick. Another strike to the lower limbs, but it’s generally fairly cautious stuff from both men in the second round.

Marquardt suddenly in on a takedown attempt, but Ferreira is completely unphased as he stuffs it. Marquardt moves into the clinch against the cage, but nothing comes of it and they separate it.

Nice counter punch from Marquardt as Ferreira tries to land. Now it’s Ferreira’s turn to try for a takedown and he doesn’t have any joy either at first and has to go to the cage. However, he does get Marquardt to the mat at the second attempt, only for his opponent to pop straight back up to his feet.

Back to striking they go. Marquardt with a brief flurry. Ferreira steps into a punch. Back to the low leg kicks now. Side kick to the body for ‘Mutante’.

Marquardt trying to go upstairs with a kick. Solid leg kick for Ferreira. Another couple to the legs. He finds a home for a winging left hand.

Right hook for Ferreira and now a big right for Marquardt. Marquart drops Ferreira with a left hand, but he gets right back up and they both trade in the pocket with big strikes to end the round.

Round Three:

Ferreira looks to change up his strategy in the opening minute of the final round, landing a big takedown successfully. ‘Mutante’ works some body punches from full guard.

Marquardt steadily using the cage to work back to his feet. He gets to one knee, but Ferreira stays on him and goes for another takedown. They scramble on the mat and then get back up. Ferreira again goes for the takedown, but Marquardt locks in a guillotine choke to counter it. Ferreira adjusts nicely to get out of danger though, settling in to side control.

Not much happening now with Ferreira happy just to have control on top, but he’ll need to show more if he wants to keep the referee from standing them up.

Ferreira moves to north-south. He lands a few elbows towards his opponent’s head and then some body punches. He’s looking to just grind out the round in his favor and so far it’s working.

Marquardt to his knees, but can’t stand. Ferreira keeps him down though and then begins to think about a submission. He goes for broke with a guillotine choke, but Marquardt slips out of it and gets on top in the final seconds of the round. He takes advantage of that with ground and pound, with an elbow slicing open a nasty cut right at the final bell, leaving ‘Mutante’ soaked in blood as we head to the scorecards!


Close fight then and Marquardt’s final flurry on the floor caused enough damage to make things interesting on the scorecards, but nonetheless it’s Ferreira who just edges it by way of a split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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