Chael Sonnen Discusses His Recent ‘Little Rich Weirdo’ Spat With Conor McGregor

One of the UFC’s most infamous trash-talkers Chael Sonnen recently got into a verbal sparring session with another Notoriously sharp-tongued star, Conor McGregor recently after he called the Irishman a “little rich weirdo” during an interview on ESPN, and he’s now broken down the whole incident on his own popular YouTube channel.

For those who weren’t aware, McGregor had quickly responded to the jibe, calling him “the little broke weirdo,” which had prompted a warning from Sonnen.

“It’s not too late to stay off my radar,” Sonnen responded.

“Just put down the shot-glass of awful bottom-shelf whiskey, turn off your phone, and back outta the big-boy saloon niiiice n’ sloooow…”

Of course that advice fell on deaf ears.

“Just set up the tripod, in the corner of your boxroom, and tell your 2 views the promo code for the window sheen 😂😂,” McGregor retaliated.

Sonnen has since done just that in a lengthy YouTube video on his channel, which, in the interest of fairness, it should be noted that he regularly draws hundreds of thousands of viewers for his unique take on the sport.

During the video Sonnen gave the impression that he wasn’t looking for a fight with McGregor or to continue his war of words with him, instead insisting that he’d spoke out in defense of the Irishman’s at times controversial antics in the past, and that he was merely continuing in his own role as a ‘big brother’ to the superstar.

Of course nothing is ever quite what it seems with Sonnen though, and so he also fired out some razor-sharp barbs at McGregor along the way.

“I retired two years ago, I quit fighting six years ago and I’ve won three more fights than you have in that period of time,” he noted at one point.

Moments later the former light-heavyweight was at it again, stating, “you are down here, I am up here – you are punching up, but then again, at 5ft 8″ you are always punching up.”

Sonnen also made fun at both McGregor and his own expense while explaining why a fight between the two couldn’t happen right now, declaring that, “I can’t pass a drug test and you can’t pass an MRI.”

The retired star then addressed the possibility of the two of them fighting one last time to close out the video.

“Are we the two old guys who return to the high school football game wearing our letterman’s jacket. I’m not licensed, he’s not licensed. I’m not going to fight again, he’s not going to fight again…OR….are we?”

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