Charles Jourdain TKO’s Doo Ho Choi At UFC Fight Night 165

Charles Jourdain earned an upset victory over Doo Ho Choi today at UFC Fight Night 165 by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

A couple of missed leg kicks from Jourdain early. he goes for the kick again and Choi lands a straight.

They clinch up but soon are back to striking range. Punch from Jourdain. Great uppercut from Choi. Body punch from Jourdain.

Jourdain lands nicely on the counter and that backs up Choi momentarily. Uppercut for Jourdain.

Jourdain with a flying knee attempt that misses and Chhoi clinches up. Jourdain with body work in close before they spearate.

Low leg kick from Choi and then a clipping left hook that seemed to hurt Jourdain. Choi goes in looking for more strikes to back that up, but Jourdain hanging on in there.

More pressure from Choi and Jourdain falls to the mat off-balance. Choi on top now. He stands over Jourdain who tries to land upkicks. Choi back down, but Jourdain gets to his knees and stands.

Striking range again and Choi lands a front kick to the body and then a spinning elbow partially connects.

Choi pressuring but then a jumping knee from Jourdain almost lands clean. Both men throwing caution to the wind with strikes here at times.

Jourdain trying for a flying knee to the body then he connects with a big punch and Choi is floored. Jourdain dives in and misses with a follow-up punch on the mat and Choi seems to have his wits about him and makes it to the end of a hectic round.

Round Two:

Choi back to pressuring on the feet, but Jourdain lands a nice body kick. Now a punch to the midsection for good measure. And again.

Glancing right hand from Jourdain. Another hard body kick for Jourdain. Right hand for Choi, but eats one on the counter too.

Another body kick for Jourdain as Choi tries to uncork a punch. Again with the body kick from Jourdain and then an overhand connects.

Right hand and an uppercut from The Korean Superboy. Body kick for Jourdain. Short right hand for Choi backs Jourdain up.

Body punch for Jourdain and then a side kick to the midsection. Choi threatens and Jourdain responds with a nice combo of punches. Flying knee attempt from Choi.

Right hook for Choi. Push kick from Jourdain. Jab from Choi. Jourdain barrels forward with a series of strikes and Choi responds with a spinning backfist that misses.

Short left hand at close range from Jourdain stops Choi in his tracks and sends him to the mat in a daze, with a cuffing right hook on the way down landing too. He looks to land again and the referee quickly moves in to end the fight with 4.32mins of the second round gone. Big win for the underdog after throwing caution to the wind throughout the fight.

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