Charles Oliveira Submits Kevin Lee With Guillotine Choke At UFC Fight Night 170

Charles Oliveira once again found a finish tonight at UFC Fight Night 170 and added to his record-breaking submission haul with a guillotine choke stoppage against Kevin Lee.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Brasilia.

Jumping front kick from Oliveira. He throws another high kick and Lee returns fire with a punch. Again Oliveira goes for that jumping front kick and this time it lands, but Lee is ok.

Oliviera moving in with a left hook now. Push kick and a jab from Oliviera. Solid jab from Lee and a kick.

Another exchange and now Oliveira is looking for a takedown, but Lee ends up on top. Immediately Oliveira is working for a leg lock though. Lee having to defend now as Oliveira transitions with leg lock attempts.

Lee’s back is left exposed momentarily and Oliveira tries to take it. Lee vulnerable, but manages to improve his position and try to get on top. Oliveira absolutely relentless with these submission attempts though, trying to get the heel hook going. Again Lee doing well to defend this and is now trying to establish a stronger top position.

Oliveira still has his leg wrapped up though and so it’s not easy for him, but eventually he does and then Oliveira is trying for a triangle choke that’s quickly bypassed. Another scramble and now Lee is finally able to scramble and get on top in Oliveira’s back.

Lee stands up over Oliveira and tries to pass, getting to half guard. Lee lands a couple of big punches and then Oliveira gets him back to full guard. Lee working a few elbow strikes as the round ends.

Round Two:

Oliveira tries a spinning backfist that’s blocked. Elbow for Lee and then a right hand. Spinning kick to the body from Oliveira.

Left hook for Lee. Now a right hand counter from Lee. Flying knee attempt from Oliveira, but then eats a counter hook. Oliveira does land a punch himself though.

Oliveira with an uppercut and Lee lands too. Body kick from Oliveira. Uppercut and now a right hand from the Brazilian. A straight lands too for Oliveira.

Lee with the jab and a body punch. Left hook for Oliveira and then a right. Oliveira’s confidence rising. Big hook lands for Lee though, but then Oliviera clobbers him with a punch in return.

Lee is going for a takedown now and lands it. Oliveira again crafty as ever as he gets an armbar, but Lee does well to get out of that. Now Oliveira with a triangle choke that’s fought off quickly.

Oliveira trying to stand, but Lee brings him back down and lands in a high half guard.

Oliveira taking a breather for the first time on the mat as Lee stays tight to him. A few light punches to the body and head now from Lee.

Lee grinding his elbow into Oliveira’s face. Now Oliveira working for a leg lock again, but Lee is standing and landing a few hammerfists. Oliveira lands his own hammerfist from his back. Lee lands a few more punches at the end of the round.

Round Three:

Jumping front kick from Oliveira to start the third. Nice punch from Lee and then a head kick attempt. Now another right hand from Lee.

Body kick from Oliveira, Lee catches it, but ‘Do Bronx’ is latching onto a guillotine choke and drops down with it. It’s in really tight and it’s not long before Lee is tapping out at 0.28mins of the third round.

Lee dazed and confused afterwards and tries to continue grappling with Oliveira and then protests that he didn’t tap out when the referee tells him the fight is over, but it was clear for all to see that he had tapped multiple times.

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