Charles Oliviera Calls Out Islam Makhachev And Khabib Nurmagomedov

Charles Oliveira has been doing his best to campaign for a money-spinning fight with Conor McGregor lately, but he’s now suddenly turned his sights on former champion Khabib Nurmagedov and his protege, Islam Makhachev.

The reason for the sudden change of heart?

An interview Khabib Nurmagomedov had with AG.Fight, in which he claimed that Makhachev would not only relish the opportunity to fight Oliveira in his home country of Brazil, but would also go on to submit the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace for good measure if it happens.

Oliveira has now issued a fiery response to that challenge.

“If they really want it, they need to chase the champion,” Oliveira told Ag. Fight when asked about the Makhachev match-up. “I chased the champion, right? Then I became the champion. I want to fight in December. Do you really want this? So let’s do something cool. Now I’m talking to you. Let’s fight in January in Brazil? Isn’t that what you really want? So sell it more. But look at this, Khabib, you’ve already tried three premonitions about me and missed all three.

“Look, I won’t say I’m going to submit or knock him out, but I’ll beat him. Listen to this: I will beat Islam Makhachev. The division’s problem is called Charles Oliveira. That’s the division’s problem. It doesn’t matter what they say. If they really want it, I want it, too.

“Look, forget about Conor McGregor now. Forget it. In Brazil, Charles Oliveira against Islam Makhachev. Is this the fight you want? So we will have it. Charles Oliveira against Islam Makhachev in Brazil.”

Oliveira then went on to call out Nurmagomedov to fight him afterwards, stating that the superstar has become overly opinionated since his retirement from the sport.

“I’ll beat [Makhachev]. So who knows, maybe [Khabib] come of retirement and come too?” Oliveira said. “Each one says what they want. I am the division’s problem. I have one of the best jiu-jitsu (games) in the division and in the UFC. I think these guys are talking too much. They want to get in my mind, but that’s not possible.”

“[Khabib] was champion, 29 wins in a row, and never said anything. He always sold the fight in a good way, really damn well, and today he is always talking a lot, and if it’s to talk, I’m gonna say it: I’ll beat Islam Makhachev and then challenge Khabib to come back from retirement. It’s the fight everyone will want to see. Isn’t that what everyone will want to see? Everyone says Khabib is f*cking tough.

“I respect him a lot, but lately, he’s been talking too much.”

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