Charles Rosa Beats Kevin Aguilar By Split Decision at UFC On ESPN 10

Charles Rosa did just enough to edge out Kevin Aguilar by split decision tonight at UFC On ESPN 10.

Round one:

Rosa tries for an early body kick and gets knocked off-balance to the mat with a counter. He tries again for another body kick and again loses his balance a bit.

Low leg kick for Rosa. Body kick for him too now. Hard body punch from Aguilar. Stepping low kick for Rosa. Body punch again from Aguilar.

Aguilar feints to the body but then lands a nice punch upstairs. Leg kick for Rosa. Straight left for Aguilar now. Kick from Rosa.

That low leg kick from Rosa. Body punch for Aguilar and then overreaches on a follow-up punch. Right hand for Aguilar.

Spinning back kick to the body from Rosa. Left hand from Rosa and a body kick from Aguilar. Rosa with a kick. Another one lands.

Overhand right connects for Aguilar. Now a jab lands. Low leg kick again from Rosa. Counter left lands from Aguilar.

Body kick from Rosa. Push kick for Aguilar. Left hand from Rosa and then a takedown attempt, but hammerfist punches make him think twice about continuing with it.

Counter punch from Aguilar. Left hand for Rosa. Another kick from Rosa as the round is coming to a close.

Round Two:

Rosa feeling out with side kicks upstairs. Hard kick now from Rosa. Inside leg kick from him. Now back to the outside of the leg. Counter right from Aguilar.

Left hand from Aguilar as Rosa misses a side kick. Missed spinning kick from Rosa. Superman punch attempted by Aguilar.

Left hand lands for Aguilar. Hard left hand from Rosa. Aguilar with a kick. Body kick from Aguilar.

Low leg kick for Rosa. Body kick for him. Now one upstairs thats blocked. Low kick from Rosa and a counter punch from Aguilar.

Ducking left hand for Rosa. BOdy kick for him. Rosa with a hook attempt. Body kick from Aguilar. Double jab from him. Low leg kick for Rosa and a counter punch lands for Aguilar. Another leg kick from Rosa soon after though.

Kick upstairs from Rosa is partially caught by Aguilar, but doesn’t do anything with it. LEft hand for Rosa.

Jab and leg kick from Aguilar. Light body kick from Rosa. Now he loads up on a much harder body kick. Left hand for Rosa and Aguilar seemed a little off-balance for a moment there afterwards. Rosa follows up, but Aguilar is ok and Rosa now has a cut above his eye.

Round Three:

Jab from Aguilar. Combo from Rosa. jab again from Aguilar. Looping left hand from Rosa. Jab for Aguilar. Now a right hand. Head kick attempt from Rosa is blocked. Body punches for Aguilar.

Winging left for Rosa and counter punches in response from Aguilar. Body kick for Aguilar. Aguilar does a nice job of shunting to Rosa’s back, but Rosa rolls out of it quickly.

Body kick for Rosa. Nice counter punch from Aguilar. Inside leg kick from Rosa. Body kick for Aguilar. Right hand from Aguilar.

Left hand for Rosa and a counter in return from Aguilar. Body kick for Rosa. Body punch for Aguilar and then a leg kick.

Double jab for Aguilar. Now to the body. Good body kick for Rosa. Nice counter jab for Aguilar. Solid left to the chin from Rosa.

Left hand from Rosa. Now a hard left connects for Rosa. Aguilar trying to work a takedown attempt, but Rosa shakes it off easily.

Missed punch from Rosa and a right hook counter comes from Aguilar. Aguilar fails on a takedown and Rosa blasts him with a right hand.

Nice counter left for Rosa in the closing seconds of the fight.


A close fight here then, but Charles Rosa did enough in the striking department to edge out a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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