Chris Weidman Reveals Leg Was Fractured During Loss To Brad Tavares

After a gruelling two year rehab from a broken leg, Chris Weidman finally returned to action at UFC 292 a couple of weeks ago, and proceeded to have his legs pulverized for three rounds during a unanimous decision loss to Brad Tavares.

Now Weidman has revealed that he actually fractured his leg during the fight, but it’s not quite as bad as it sounds and he’s actually relieved it’s not more serious.

“I got MRIs done on my tibia and fibula on both legs, got MRIs on both of my knees, X-rays, and I’ve been waiting for a result – and I got the results back,” Weidman said on his ‘Won’t Back Down’ podcast. “There was no ligament tears at all. So, ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, all those ‘Ls’ that you do not want to tear because that’s like six months to a year of recovery. God kept me together. The ligaments are good.

“What did happen to me, though, is I have a fracture on my left leg. So, I guess he broke my leg with one of those leg kicks. … I ended up switching to southpaw and figuring it out. But I’m pretty sure that’s when my leg broke, fractured it. It’s on the tibula head, right below my knee is where it broke. Upper tibia bone is what’s fractured.

“Recovery-wise, it’s not bad at all,” he added. “Four weeks. Four-week recovery. That’s it.”

That’s good news given that immediately post-fight Dana White told reporters that it was feared Weidman had suffered ligament damage that could force him out for another year.

At the time White stated his firm belief that the former middleweight champion should hang up his gloves, saying, “I love him, I love his family and I think he should retire.”

Apparently the 39-year-old has not taken that advice to heart though as he still plans to compete again. Whether White will be on-board with that idea remains to be seen.

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