Chris Weidman Takes First Steps After Broken Leg Thanks To Anti-Gravity Machine

Chris Weidman’s broken leg rehab journey has literally continued to gather pace in recent days thanks to an anti-gravity machine that’s enabled him to take his first steps since the injury occurred.

The machine supports anywhere from 20% to 100% of a person’s bodyweight, enabling them to safely walk on a treadmill with their injured limb to help speed up their recovery.

Weidman documents his first steps in a video diary on YouTube, which shows him undergoing his first physical therapy session on May 7th, while a more recent follow-up video first posted on Instagram shows him picking up the pace while supporting 50% of his body weight.

“I’m hoping in the next week or 2, and I can get some steps without using crutches 🙏 #recovery #progress #theallamerican,” Weidman wrote on Instagram.

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