Ciryl Gane KO’s Tai Tuivasa In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 209

Ciryl Gane’s striking was as classy as ever against Tai Tuivasa in the main event of UFC Fight Night 209 in Paris, bu he had to survive a moment of real adversity when he was floored in the second round, before almost immediately seizing back the momentum with brutal body work, before eventually delivering a KO with big punches in the third round.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event is underway in Paris!

Leg kick from Gane. He lands again to the outside of the leg. Jab for Gane. Nice calf kick for Gane. Tuivasa with a low kick now.

Solid body kick from Gane. Leg kick from Tuivasa. Swatting jabs from Gane. Now an inside leg kick. Gane steps into a left hand and almost eats a punch from Tuivasa as he does so.

Nice kick for Tuivasa now. He lands another low kick. Left and right movement from Gane and then lands an inside leg kick.

Another leg kick for Gane and avoids one coming his way. Stiff jab from Gane. High kick attempt from Gane, but Tuivasa responds with a punch.

Front kick to the body from Gane. A couple of right hands now for Gane and Tuivasa swings for the fences with a punch in response that misses.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Tuivasa. Now a low kick from Gane. He lands a jab too. He connects again with a clean jab. Gane just misses with a front kick upstairs.

jab again from Gane and Tuivasa grazes him with a left hook counter. Gane picking out that jab again. Now a front kick to the body and then back to the jab.

Inside leg kicks exchanged by both fighters. Gane on the jab again. Straight left for Gane now. Tuivasa with a body punch.

Gane with a body punch too now. Leg kick and a jab for Gane. Nice left hand from Gane. He tries a head kick that doesn’t land.

Jab for Gane and then circles away from the cage. Inside leg kick lands. He tries for a takedown, but Tuivasa shuts that down quickly.

Right hand for Gane. Tuivasa bleeding, but a big right hand from Tuivasa drops Gane. he manages to get back up though but that was a big moment for Tuivasa.

Tuivasa wades in again and throws big punches. Gane lands to the body and Tuivasa looks hurt. Gane presses forward jumping in with knees and kicks to the body. Tuivasa with a left hook in response that backs Gane up.

Gane back to landing to the body and Tuivasa is hurting from those and bleeding to the head but still hanging tough. Gane sitting down on his strikes more now as the round draws to a close.

Round Three:

Front kick to the body from Tuivasa and one from Gane. jab for Gane. leg kick for Tuivasa. Front kick to the body from Gane. Tuivasa tried to complain that was low, but after a bit of banter with the ref the action continues.

Another hard body kick from Gane. Big punch from Tuivasa to the body. Nice jab from Gane. Leg kick from Tuivasa and then he stumbles back awkwardly but seems ok.

Punishing body kick from Gane. Gane with a head kick and Tuiavasa seems rocked, but then fires back with a huge punch.

Crazy stuff here. Gane throws heavy leather. Tuivasa is so tough. Right hand from Gane. Such a crisp jab from Gane and it’s constantly bothering Tuivasa.

More jabs land for Gane to Tuivasa’s bloodied face. Leg kick for Tuivasa. Gane lands to the body with a kick and Tuivasa is struggling again. Another kick lands. Now back to the jab. Tuivasa existing on pure heart here as he shakes his head almost as if he knows himself that he’s too tough for his own good and continues.

Two heavy right hands from Gane rocks Tuivasa and he follows up with a big hammerfist and more power punches that sink Tuivasa to the canvas to seal a big knockout victory at 4.23mins of the third round.

That was an impressive performance from Gane, demonstrating both good resilience to come back strong after being dropped in the second round, but also showing that he also carries real power behind his slick striking work to eventually finish the exceptionally tough Tuivasa.

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