Ciryl Gane Submits Don’Tale Mayes With 16 Seconds Left At UFC Fight Night 162

Ciryl Gane confirmed that he’s a potential heavyweight star of the future today in Singapore with a good performance against Don’Tale Mayes that ended with a last-gasp heel hook submission.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Mayes. Leg kick for Mayes. Another leg kick for him. Gane steps into a one-two that’s blocked.

Gane tries for a straight down the pipe. Head kick attempt from him. He moves out of the way as Mayes attempts to return fire.

Gane clinching up but then quickly gives up on it. Body kick for Gane. Hard body kick for Gane. Jab for him.

Overhand from Gane only grazes the target. Hard uppercut attempt. Body kick for Gane and then a right hand. Gane trying to pour on the pressure, but Mayes tries for a spinning attack to scare him off.

They break away and Gane lands hard with a body kick. Kick upstairs now. Back to the body kick. Now a hard punch and Mayes is doing really well to stay in there.

Body kick again for Gane. Hard left for Mayes, but then he gets blasted with a punch in return and that seemed to buckle his legs a little, but he’s still wearing it well.

Gane with the body kick again. Now hard punches and Mayes is wincing at damage to his eye.

Body kick from Mayes, but Gane continues to press forward landing a right hand and lands a big knee upstairs. Mayes falls to the mat under fire from big hammerfists, but the end of the round comes just in time to save him.

Round Two:

Missed overhand right from Mayes. Leg kick for him. Spinning backfist attempt from Mayes. Body punch from Gane.

Jab for Gane. leg kick but that went to the groin and forces a time out.

strike lands for Gane on the restart. Hard body kick from Mayes. Front kick to the body from Gane knocks Mayes off-balance.

Another powerful body kick from Gane. Now a leg kick for him. Low leg kick from Mayes. he misses with a spinning backfist.

Push kick from Gane. Gane checks a kick. Gane blocks punches from Mayes. Kick to the body. Another one doesn’t land as cleanly.

Good sudden switch down into a takedown attempt from Gane which he lands successfully. Gane moves to side control and then north south.

Mayes rolls to his knees, but as he’s turtled up Gane circles to his back. Mayes gets to his feet though. Gane lands a knee against the cage.

Gane muscles him down to the mat again as the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Mayes. High kick attempt from Gane is blocked. Hard left hand for Gane. Solid body kick for him now.

Nice front kick to the body from Gane now. He misses from the uppercut. He lands a left hand and then Mayes tries to clinch up, but nothing doing.

left hand counter from Mayes. Kick for Gane. Overhand attempt from Gane. Solid body kick for Gane. leg kick for Gane and then a punch behind it.

Uppercut connects for Gane. Now a nice punch to the body. Back to the body kick. Right hand gets through. Another strike to the body and a punch to the head.

Two hard knees to the body from Gane. Mayes just won’t go down. High kick for Gane. Another punishing body kick and Mayes folds over, but stays upright.

He’s backing up and Gane lands again to the body. Mayes hunched up against the cage trying to defend a takedown now as Gane looks for more knees.

Gane brings Mayes down in the final 45 seconds. Gane suddenly drops back for a heel hook attempt and wow, he’s got it quickly – Mayes taps out with only 16 seconds left on the clock!

Great performance for Gane, very composed for a man in only is fifth professional fight and after a strong display of striking, the submission finish was the icing on the cake that helps confirm he is an exciting, young, fresh talent in the heavyweight ranks.

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