Ciryl Gane TKO’s Junior dos Santos In Second Round At UFC 256

Ciryl Gane extended his unbeaten run with a second round TKO Victory over Junior dos Santos tonight at UFC 256.

Round One:

Both men bouncing on their feet as this one starts. Gane snaps down dos Santos’ neck looking for a potential guillotine, but they soon seperate.

Gane kicks to the leg. JDS looks for an uppercut but doesn’t quite land cleanly. Outside leg kick for Gane and punches in response from JDS.

Solid body kick for Gane. Head kick attempt now that’s blocked. Front kick to the body from dos Santos. JDS returns the favor.

Body punch from dos Santos and then a grazing punch. leg kick for JDS, but Gane still landing his leg kicks too.

Oblique kick for Gane and then a kick upstairs that’s blocked. JDS loading up on a left hook and misses and Gane goes for a leg kick that lands to the groin and forces a stoppage.

Push kick for Gane and then one to the knee. Now an inside leg kick. he lands another. Back to the push kick. JDS tries a high kick. Gane lands to the outer thigh.

Gane keeping the kicks going, landing one to the body. JDS with a front kick to the body. Again a solid body kick for Gane and JDS tried to catch that.

Right hand gets through for Gane. JDS misses with his own punch. Gane with another kick. JDS with a spinning kick to the body.

JDS lands a hook and that got Gane’s attention. He can’t capitalize on it though and Gane resets.

Round Two:

Oblique kick to the knee from Gane. Now to the inside of the leg. And another lands. Left hand for Gane and a hook counter from JDS.

Body kick for Gane. JDS misses with a spinning backfist. Another body kick from Gane and then an outside leg kick. He’s mixing these up well.

Inside leg kick from Gane is checked by JDS. Right hand for dos Santos and Gane clinches against the cage, but they don’t remain there for long.

Gane with a head kick attempt that’s blocked. Push kick for Gane. Now an inside leg kick. Missed hook from JDS and Gane lands a leg kick that seemed to stop JDS in his tracks momentarily.

Gane lands a jab and JDS is hurt and starts to back off. Hook from Gane, a knee to the body and then a big elbow to the back of the ear sends JDS to the mat and as a couple of more punches land the referee waves off the fight at 2.34mins, handing Gane a big second round TKO victory.

Very assured, confident striking from Gane tonight then and he looks like he’s on course to become a major heavyweight force in 2021.

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