Claressa Shields Aims to Become a Millionaire and a Household Name in MMA

Numerous reasons inspired Claressa Shields to switch from boxing to MMA. Claressa had an excellent boxing career in which she won Gold at the Olympics twice and was also a multi-time and multi-division champion. However, she never received the attention, money, and appreciation befitting her accomplishments. Everyone loves a good reward for their efforts. For instance, if you wager on a slots game on Spin Casino online you expect to get the biggest possible win. In this regard, Claressa believes she deserves better. The 26-year-old athlete from Michigan is looking forward to her debut professional fight coming up in few days. 

Claressa is on record criticizing the boxing promoters and broadcast partners for what she believed was more than sexism in the way they treated women boxers. She claimed that the female fighters did not get the same opportunities as their male counterparts. But, the situation is different at the MMA, where many top stars are women. Some notable MMA female stars include Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunes, Valentina Shevchenko, and Cris Cyborg. 

Even though top promotions like UFC took their time before welcoming women into the mix, there is no doubt that men and women stand shoulder to shoulder when it comes to pay and prestige. This is true because Claressa has not made her debut at the PFL cage, but her profile has risen exponentially compared to her biggest boxing fights.

While speaking to MMA Fighting, Claressa claimed that women boxers were not paid much. She further stated that she had won every boxing title one can think of. But, with all her accolades, she has nothing to show in her bank account. Moreover, she stated that she is known globally, but she is not a household name yet. 

She also claimed that there is nothing more she could do as a female boxer to become a household name because she had done it all! She even took matters into her own hands by promoting her own all-women’s pay-per-view, where she overcame Marie-Eve Dicaire. 

Although she intends to continue her boxing career, Claressa knows she has to look out for herself if she wants better opportunities. At the moment, switching to MMA seems to be her best move. MMA organizations like PFL are putting in considerable promotional effort behind women athletes. 

Claressa says that her motivation to move to MMA is to become a millionaire and a household name. She wants to get her just due, which she claims she couldn’t get in boxing. The determined Claressa also has the ambition of becoming the greatest women’s fighter of all-time in all combat sports. 

She has already proven her credentials in boxing, having a flawless 11-0 record and two armfuls of title belts. The athlete has now gone for a fresh challenge at the MMA, where she hopes to continue her excellent form. 

Claressa will make her debut PLF fight against Brittney Elkin on June 10. Fans will be excited to see how she begins her MMA career as she looks to become the Greatest Woman Of All Time (GWOAT) in MMA. She has beaten all the girls in boxing, and she is looking forward to beating all the girls in MMA!

A huge fan of MMA since the 'Dark Ages' of the UFC, I pride myself on keeping up-to-date on all news and developments surrounding the sport. I've watched it grow from shunned spectacle to the lofty position it enjoys now, and it's been a great ride!