Claudio Silva Submits Nordine Taleb In First Round At UFC Fight Night 130

Claudio Silva emerged victorious by way of a first round submission against Nordine Taleb today at UFC Fight Night 130.

Round One:

Punch and a kick for Silva to start and then looks to close the distance. Taleb fends him off and gets back to range. Another kick from Silva.

Body kick again for Silva. Now a leg kick for Taleb. Head kick attempt from Taleb that glances off Silva’s guard. Body kick for Silva, but this time Taleb catches it and immediately throws his opponent to the mat.

Silva straight back up though. another kick from Silva and again he’s at risk of being taken down, but this time remains upright.

Silva with a punch. leg kick and then ducks into a takedown, but it’s telegraphed and Taleb stuffs it and stays clinched up.

Back to striking range and Taleb throws a kick, only to be caught by Silva, who then takes him to the mat. He’s in half-guard, but Taleb starts to works his way back up, then drops back down working for a leg lock. It doesn’t work out though and Silva starts to land punches then takes full mount.

Mistake from Taleb there and now he’s in danger as Silva drops down some hard elbows. Taleb rolls to his back and Silva works for a rear-naked choke. Taleb is in trouble here in the final minute of the round. He’s not able to fight it off and that’s it, he taps out at 4.31mins of the first round, handing Silva a big submission victory!

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