Cody Garbrandt Brutally KO’s Raphael Assuncao At UFC 250

Cody Garbrandt ufc

Former bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt reminded everyone he’s still incredibly dangerous tonight at UFC 250 as he brutally KO’d Raphael Assuncao in the final second of the opening round.

Round One:

Low leg kick for Garbrandt. Now another lands. Now one to the inside of the leg. Assuncao steps into a hard outside leg kick of his own now.

Assuncao connects again with the leg kick. Garbrandt with one that just grazes the target. Kick upstairs from Assuncao is blocked.

Spinning head kick attempt from Garbrandt misses. Assuncao with a flashy head kick too that’s blocked.

Body kick from Garbrandt. Outside leg kick for him. Oblique kick from Assuncao. He tries for a head kick and slips to the mat, but gets back up quickly.

Right hand from Garbrandt and then avoids two counter punches. Low inside leg kick from Garbrandt. Assuncao’s spinning kick misses.

Another leg kick for Garbrandt. He lands an inside leg kick that knocks Assuncao off-balance momentarily.

Garbrandt steps in again with a short combo, but Assuncao lands a counter punch too. Right hand lands for Garbrandt.Now Garbrandt is moving on the outside in the final seconds of the round and avoids a spinning kick from Assuncao.

Round Two:

Sweeping low kick from Garbrandt. There’s a brief scramble and Garbrandt was on top momentarily, but then lands a strike as they separate.

Garbrandt rushes into a short punch. Hard inside leg kick for Assuncao. Now a body kick for him. Leg kick for Garbrandt.

Body kick from Garbrandt. Spinning kick for Assuncao misses. Overhand right for Assuncao connects. Body kick for Garbrandt as Assuncao tries for a kick too.

Body kick from Assuncao lands high. Exchange of hooks in close. Uppercut from Garbrandt just misses. Inside leg kick for Assuncao.

Right hand from Garbrandt puts Assuncao down just for a moment. Nice left hand gets through from Garbrandt. Low leg kick from Garbrandt.

Jumping body kick from Assuncao in the final seconds of the round. Garbrandt stands with his hands down, then ducks down and comes back up while uncorking a thunderous right hook that knocks Assuncao out cold, sending him face first to the canvas literally at the same time as the horn sounds. What a stunning finish to get Garbrandt back to winning ways!

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