Colby Covington Continues To Rip Into Dana White And The UFC

Colby Covington is continuing to live up to his bad boy reputation this week as he slings more mud at both Dana White and the UFC in general.

“Dana can’t even confront people to their face,” Covington said during an interview with Radio. “He’s talking shit to all these people in the media, you know, talking shit to Oscar De La Hoya, a guy who would dust him off the map with his shoes poked up in his little f***ing hooker’s dress and everything. It wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t take one round for De La Hoya to dust up ‘Uncle Fester.’”

Covington has been seething since being snubbed for a title shot in favor of Kamaru Usman, and though the indications have been that he’ll be next in line that’s not stopped him from blasting them publicly at every opportunity.

“I haven’t heard anything from them and I don’t got anything to say to them. They know where I stand and they’re not going to get anything out of me ’cause I’m standing my ground, I’m standing up for all the fighters that don’t have a f***ing platform.

“They can’t stand up against the UFC. All the shit the UFC gives them, f***s all the fighters on the pay and just expects you to do things on a drop of a dime when they want it. All these fighters are yes-men, I’m not a yes-man, Jason, I don’t do things. When the UFC says to jump I don’t say ‘how high’, I’m not that guy. The UFC knows where I stand and I’m standing up for what’s right. People can hate me, they can love me, but you know I’m standing up for what I believe in and what I earned. In life you can only stand by your word and you gotta have big balls in life and that’s what I got.”

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