Colby Covington Details Kamaru Usman Altercation Including Ali Abdelaziz Death Threat

Colby Covington has spoken out about his altercation with the UFC’s new welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, his manager Ali Abdelaziz and several members of his entourage at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The way Covington tells it, he was just minding his own business when the two came over and started causing a scene.

“I was staying over at the dump, the Palms and I’m waiting in the buffet line,” Covington told ESPN’s ‘Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.’ “I’m just trying to get some crab legs. Can’t the man get some crab legs? Can the man, the champ, get some crab legs in peace? All of a sudden low-energy Marty comes, that terrorist rat Ali comes and some other Sasquatch and they start pushing and swinging and start putting innocent kids’ lives in danger and a pregnant lady.

“There’s a pregnant lady, and she’s screaming, ‘I’m pregnant, stop this!’ Ali is still pushing, trying to make a scene. Usman is still trying to scream at me, ‘I’m going to get you!’ And his Sasquatch is trying to throw punches at my friend and trying to punch me. It’s a complete joke. I can’t believe that they allow that in Vegas and just a bunch of filthy animals.”

Video footage of the incident does seem to suggest that Covington wasn’t the one escalating the altercation, but nonetheless it seems he’s been banned from the Palms.

“They banned me from the Palms property for doing absolutely nothing,” Covington said. “Just sitting there saying, ‘Hey man, we’re professionals. I’m going to beat your ass in the cage man.’ I’m not going to press charges because the real (expletive) punishment for you is that beating you’re going to get when we’re in that octagon. I don’t want your ass deported back to Nigeria.”

In all fairness it didn’t seem that Usman was overly involved either, with Abdelaziz appearing to be the one who was being the most aggressive, even aiming a punch at ‘Chaos’ at one stage.

“Ali tried to swing at me, but I’ve got cat-like reflexes, so obviously he’s not going to hit me. He’s slow as a (expletive) turtle. I heard that no one got in trouble. I heard that the Fertittas own the Palms, so I think they gave that terrorist rat a pass and they didn’t want to hurt Marty Usman’s chance of deporting him back to Nigeria before he get his ass-whooping from me.”

Nevertheless, Covington still had plenty more to say about Usman, who he’s expected to fight next in the Octagon for the title.

“It’s pretty funny he was claiming to have some broken foot,” Covington said. “He looked all fine and mighty yesterday jumping rails, trying to get in my face. Some more fake news from him trying to say he was all hurt with his foot and had a hernia. He looked mighty fine trying to fight me in the buffet line at the Palms yesterday.

“Marty tries to be this dad figure and this nice guy and this babyface, but why would you go put innocent people – and children more importantly – their lives in danger? It’s piss poor, and he’s a fake fraud.”

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