Colby Covington manhandled Dong Hyun Kim from start to finish tonight at UFC Fight Night 111 en-route to a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Covington immediately attempts a big head kick, but misses and stumbles to the mat. He gets straight back up as Kim moves in and presses him to the cage.

It’s Covington who’s able to get Kim down though and that’s a good early success against him. Kim stands again, but Covington stays strong in the clinch and almost takes his back.

Covington trying really hard to bring Kim down here and after a minute of exertion he manages to do so. Kim almost stands, but Covington sucks his legs back out to keep him grounded.

Two minutes of the round remaining as Kim gets back up again. He can’t get away from Covington’s stifling clinch game though, which is unusual for him.

Covington lands a couple of knees to the body and then finally breaks free from teh clinch with a spinning elbow to the head.

Finally free from the clinch Kim comes marauding forward looking for flashy offense. However, Covington lands a nice knee to the body and then gets back to the clinch and takedown attempt as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Body kick for Covington. They exchange jabs and then a clash of kicks. Low kick for Covington. Covington shoots in for a takedown, but Kim nicely sprawls and keeps the turtled up Covington down.

However, Covington still has a hold of Kim down and suddenly bursts back upright, takes Kim’s back and drives him to the cage before landing a takedown of his own.

It’s very unusual to see Kim being outgrappled, but that’s certainly what’s happened so far in this fight. Kim does stand up, but Covington remains firmly bodylocked to him.

Covington with a knee. Kim able to break free and comes forward looking for strikes, but eats an overhand left that puts him in reverse gear.

Covington charging forward and lands flying knee to the body, then back to the strikes. Kim moves away looking to get some space, but Covington lands another takedown.

Kim back to his feet and Covington is trying harder for another takedown when suddenly Kim does a nice hip throw to take him down.

It’s the same problem for Kim as before though as Covington still has a hold of his legs from his turtled position and is able to drive back up and resume his clinch dominance until the round ends.

Round Three:

Spinning backfist for Covington to start the third. Now a body kick. Punches landing too. Kim’s just not been able to find a weakness in Covington’s game that he can exploit so far. Kim eats a solid hook.

leg kicks for Covington now. Another lands, though Kim does land a counter punch that time. Nice left then a right from Covington snaps Kim’s head back.

Right hand lands for Covington. He drives in and lands his latest takedown. Kim up with Covington bodylocked and landing solid knees to the thigh.

Covington drags Kim down on top of him and immediately they stand again. Yet another takedown for Covington with less than two minutes of the fight remaining.

Kim stands, as he’s down numerous times in this fight, but he’s just not able to get away from his opponent’s strong grip.

however, Kim does finally manage to reverse the clinch and then quickly lands a takedown of his own. He could have done with this a lot earlier in the fight.

Kim only enjoys about 30 seconds on top until Covington gets back up and lands another takedown before the round ends.


Impressive stuff from Covington here, essentially using the same grinding, stifling grappling game that Kim has been so successful with for years against him and he earns a clean sweep unanimous decision victory (30-25, 30-26, 30-27).