Colby Covington Threatening To Sue UFC Over Title Snub

Former UFC interim welterweight champoion Colby Covington has threatened to sue the UFC due to his belief that he’s been unfairly treated with his recent title snub and now the news that he will in fact have to fight again before being afforded another offer to compete for the 170lb strap.

“We may have to go to court, and this may be a lawsuit, because let’s be honest: If [Tom] Brady wins the AFC championship and all of a sudden Roger Goodell says, ‘You’re not going to the Super Bowl because we don’t like you’ – no, that’s not how it works,” Covington told MMAjunkie. “This is business and just because you don’t like someone, that’s not a big deal. This is business and they’re gonna have to get over the fact that they don’t like me and they’re gonna have to play ball and do business with me.”

Covington then took another shot directly at UFC President Dana White as he vented frustration at having been put back down the pecking order.

“If the UFC wants to be a circus and be a corrupt business and go about their business, then that’s their problem. I’m standing up for what I believe in. I’m not backing down. I don’t care what Uncle Fester has to say. I’m the No. 1 ranked fighter in the world. Go look it up on the UFC website. I had a belt wrapped around my waist by Uncle Fester. I was the only fighter to go the White House. That’s never happened. What else do you have to do? What’s the criteria to get a title shot these days?”

In addition to his threat to take this matter to court, Covington also vowed that he won’t fight again until the UFC gives him what he believes he’s entitled to.

“[Other fights] are possibilities but they want me to go backwards and fight for a fifth of the paycheck they promised me. That ain’t happening. I’m not fighting for a fifth of the paycheck that I was promised and that I’m owed and guaranteed and earned. They’re not gonna get anything less out of me. I’ll sit on the shelf all day. We’ll go to court. I’ll make it a living hell for the UFC. I don’t give a sh*t. They’re already trying to make my life a living hell. The business they’re trying to do right now is ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense.”

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