Conor McGregor’s Coach Critical Of Joe Rogan’s Post-Fight Interview

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh has criticized the UFC’s decision to have Joe Rogan interview his fighter just minutes after he broke his leg in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

McGregor’s post-fight remarks were quite frankly appalling, seeing him aim death threats at both Poirier and his wife, along with other insults, but Kavanagh believes that ‘The Notorious’ was not in his right mind due to the pain he was in and should never have been interviewed in the first place.

“I have my opinions on that,” Kavanagh said during an Instagram Live Q&A. “Like his foot is literally hanging down. It’s a clean fracture of the fibula and tibia. It went straight through.

“His foot is hanging down. You can only imagine the rush of hormones and the pain, it was on fire. And then someone sits down and sticks a microphone under your face like ‘how are you feeling right now?’

“It’s like, guys, come on! Come on. Let’s get backstage and let’s get a proper assessment by a doctor, let’s get an x-ray.

“Let’s say I was pretty miffed at that idea of shoving a microphone in someone’s face at that stage. Let’s gather ourselves. Anyways look, what’s happened has happened.”

It’s a fair point and it doesn’t seem like the best idea to be talking to someone who requires urgent medical treatment, but nonetheless, the unfortunate truth is that McGregor’s injury doesn’t give him a free pass for his post-fight outburst, particularly given that he’s actually continued down the same path in the days since the fight.

In fact, just last night McGregor aimed a series of cryptic messages at Poirier on Twitter, including sharing a picture of Poirier with his young daughter and the word, “Gonezo”, which means “mentally and physically gone from smoking and/or drinking too much.”

He also wrote, “I’m a nasty dude, I promise you,” and “I’m a dangerous man,” apparently mimicking things that Poirier said during the pre-fight Countdown show for UFC 264.

In addition to that, McGregor also brought up the subject of Poirier’s wife again during a mock apology.

“Hey you guys! I don’t want to associate any negativity with my foundation so I’d like to take this chance to apologize for dustin’s wife trying to message me privately on Instagram,” McGregor wrote.

The messages have since been deleted, but are now set to be widely reported and continue to cast McGregor in an negative light in the aftermath of his second TKO loss in a row.

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