Cortney Casey Defeats Angela Hill By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 135

Cortney Casey narrowly defeated Angela Hill by split decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 135 in Nebraska.

Round One:

Hill ducks underneath punches early and tries to rip to the body. Hill the lighter on her feet as expected as she looks to work her right hand.

Body punches from Hill. She catches a kick and puts Casey down with it, but she gets straight back up.

Right hand for Casey. Leg kick from Hill. Body punches and then one to the head from Hill. Low kick from Casey. Now a left hand. Brief clinch and HIll lands a knee to the body.

Couple of punches from Casey connect. Hill keeps pressing forward and lands a punch. Casey returns fire. Good hook from Hill. Casey with a leg kick and tries to find the punch behind it.

Body kick for Casey. Casey gets the body lock and then brings Hill to the mat. She works some elbows. Hill rolls for an armbar. Casey looking to defend with a little over a minute of the round.

Casey stacks up and then gradually manages to shake her arm free. Hill Immediately on her though and trying to keep Casey grounded.

She manages to stand though and they begin trading heavy leather on the feet. Very close exchanges here with Casey having to fight with her back to the cage, but doing so effectively,landing some strikes as Hill lands clean ones of her own to end the round.

Round Two:

Right hand for Hill and a couple of punches in return from Casey. Casey with straight punch that lands clean then tries to clinch up against the cage. Hill reverses the position well and then separates.

Hard punches thrown by both ladies. Nice knees thrown by Hill there as part of a combination. Kick for HIll. Punch for Casey.

Brief clinch and a series of short punches by Casey. Back to striking range HIll comes in with punches and a kick, but then Casey fires back with a combo of her own.

Both landing strikes as the even action continues. Casey goes in for a takedown and almost gets Hill down, but she manages to stand immediately with her back against the cage.

They break apart. Leg kick for Hill. Another lands. right hand for Hill and then a hard left hook. Hill with body punches and then a right hand.

Casey throwing too. she lands a solid kick to the body. Left over the top from Hill. Punch for HIll and a knee from Casey in return just misses.

Overhand right for Hill. Clinch and a knee to the body from Casey. Hill with an elbow in close. Body punch and a hook from HIll to end the round as Casey counters with a hook of her own.

Round Three:

Nice left hook from Hill. Leg kick for Casey and a straight punch. Short right hook for HIll. Kick upstairs from Casey. Solid left hook for HIll.

Hill landing another hook that hurts Casey momentarily. Casey with a short flurry. Body punches from Hill. Body kick from Casey after punches come up short.

Body punch for HIll. Casey comes in with punches that miss, but it’s just a set-up for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Punch lands for Hill. Body punch. Grazing punches from Casey. Good body work from Hill. Straight punch for Casey. Right hand for her. Body kick for HIll. Leg kick for Casey.

Right hand to the chin from Casey. Straight left for Hill. BOth ladies letting their hands go. Solid right hand connects for Hill. Good knee for Hill as Casey presses forward and then an uppercut. Nice right hand counter for Hill to end the round.


Very close fight then and it leads to a split decision verdict from the judges in favor of Casey (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

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