Cory Sandhagen Outwrestles Rob Font To Decision Win At UFC On ESPN 50

Cory Sandhagen showed off his wrestling ability tonight in the main event of UFC On ESPN 50 as he controlled Rob Font from start to finish to claim a clean sweep on the judges scorecards.

Round One:

The bantamweight main event is underway in Nashville.

Right hand from Font. Sandhagen in on a takedown and lands it, but there’s an immediate frantic scramble. They roll but Sandhagen remains on top, but Font is threatening with a guillotine choke. Sandhagen stays patient and then gets out of that.

Font working a kimura now and uses it to sweep and stand back up. Inside leg kick for Sandhagen. Font lands the jab. Uppercut gets through for Font.

Sandhagen with a nicely timed double-leg takedown. Font looking to stand back up and Sandhagen steps back, then comes forward with a nice punchh. Font on his knees and still hoping to stand, but Sandhagen gets half-guard and denies a sweep.

A few punches landing for Sandhagen now. Font into butterfly guard and lands a punch as he finds space to stands back up.

Inside leg kick for Font. Overhand right from Font. Body kick from Sandhagen, but Font catches it and utilizes that to bring him down.

Font on top and Sandhagen gets to his knees then stands just as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Both men trying to find their range with punches. Sandhagen into another nice takedown that he lands in the center of the Octagon.

Sandhagen in half-guard with most of the round to work with. A couple of elbows land for him. Font trying to work a sweep, but Sandhagen stuffs that attempt.

Font going again for the sweep, but good control from Sandhagen on top. Sandhagen not able to get too much offense going though due to Font’s active work from his back. Sandhagen landing a punch here and there when he can and keeps on top for the remainder of the round.

Round Three:

Sandhagen steps into a punch and misses, with Font threatening on the counter. Now he loads up on an uppercut that misses and eats a counter.

Another nice entry for a takedown from Sandhagen. He lands a few shoulder shrugs from half-guard. He drops down an elbow.

Font working on a sweep, but Sandhagen continues to show a strong base. Elbow strike for Sandhagen. Crowd very restless here, but Sandhagen’s gameplan is working.

Elbow strikes for Sandhagen. Font thinks about a kimura but can’t get it going. Font does manage to get his feet on the hips to push Sandhagen away and finally get up though.

Jab for Sandhagen. Lateral movement from Sandhagen. Font looks for a spinning attack, but Sandhagen steers clear.

Round Four:

Font trying to come forward with more urgency now as he fires off a couple of hooks that come off the guard. Sandhagen with another good takedown in the center of the Octagon and is right back in half-guard.

They slowly move over to the cage. Font almost manages to kick Sandhagen off and get back up, but Sandhagen quickly adjusts and keeps him down.

Font with his back to the cage and eventually manages to stand. However, Sandhagen brings him right back down again.
Sandhagen drops down an elbow.

Round Five:

Font with a front kick to the body and presses forward. Sandhagen maintains distance though on the outside. Font drives into a takedown attempt of his own against the cage, but Sandhagen is defending to stay upright.

Sandhagen reverses the position now and then lands is latest takedown. Font crushed up against the cage. Sandhagen starting to set up a d’arce choke here. He’s locking it in and it looks tight, but Font refuses to quit and manages to survive the attempt.

Font gets back to full guard, but it’s not long before Sandhagen passes to half-guard soon after. Final minute of the fight and Sandhagen is happy to maintain top control. Font finds space to throw up a triangle choke attempt, but Sandhagen defends well and so we’re headed to the scorecards.


No doubt about the winner here with Sandhagen using his superior wrestling to control the action from start to finish, leading to a unanimous decision victory (50-45 x3).

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