Cory Sandhagen TKO’s Song Yadong Due To Nasty Cut At UFC Fight Night 210

Cory Sandhagen’s nasty elbow strikes opened up a huge cut above Song Yadong’s left eye in the second round of their main event fight at UFC Fight Night 210 this evening, and that only got worse as the fight went on, leading to the fight ending via TKO due to a doctor’s stoppage at the end of the fourth round.

Round One:

The bantamweight main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Sandhagen pressing forward immediately, throwing out the jab and then going for an early takedown, but Yadong defends it up against the cage.

Sandhagen remains in the clinch, but then Yadong manages to battle his way out. Sandhagen with a body kick now. Sandhagen feels out with the jab and then lands a punch to the body. He tries a spinning kick that doesn’t pay off.

Sandhagen feeling out with more punches and then Sadong steps into a sharp counter left hook that lands cleanly.

Sandhagen right back to pressuring though. He goes for a takedown in the center of the Octagon, but Yadong not only stuffs it, but ends up on top. Sandhagen trying to work for a submission off his back, Yadong settles into his guard.

Sandhagen gives up his back as he tries to stand. Yadong hops onto his back. Sandhagen continues to stand and is able to get Yadong off him and they soon go back to striking range.

Body kick for Sandhagen. Leg kick for yadong. Jab from Sandhagen. Yadong sprawls hard without Sandhagen even really having committed to a takedown.

Closely contested striking battle here. Sandhagen lands a nice left hand towards the end of the round.

Round Two:

Yadong moving forward with purpose to start the second round. Head kick attempt from Sandhagen. Now a light leg kick.

Sandhagen jumps into a flying knee, but doesn’t land it. Kick for Yadong. Yadong steps into a left hook nicely. They both look to strike and Yadong connects on a punch that sends Sandhagen reeling backwards for a moment.

Sandhagen tries for a jumping knee again without finding the mark. Sandhagen nicely times a takedown now, but Yadong defends nicely and gets back up quickly.

Elbow lands for Sandhagen. He’s got a bad cut now above his left eye. Sandhagen into the clinch against the cage.

Big elbow from Sandhagen as he breaks back out of the clinch. Yadong moving forward, but Sandhagen throws a body kick.

Leg kicks land for Sandhagen. Blood leaking straight down Yadong’s face into the eye, not good. Sandhagen with a front kick that at least partially lands upstairs.

Hooks attempted by Yadong. Sandhagen presses him into the cage again. Yadong boxes his ear a few times and Sandhagen lands another hard elbow. Yadong is game though and tries to fire back.

Round Three:

Doctor takes a look at Yadong’s cut before the start of the second round and allows him to continue, but like the co-main event there’s a suggestion that it might not go too much longer if that cut gets any worse.

Solid body kick for Sandhagen. Jab for him. Head kick attempt from Yadong looked threatening. Short jabs from Sandhagen as Yadong also looks for openings.

Sandhagen attempts a takedown and it’s stuffed. Elbow strike lands for Sandhagen. Yadong sticks his tongue out at him as he continues to push forward.

Ducking right hand from Yadong. Sandhagen steps into a knee. Another head kick attempt from Yadong is blocked.

Left hand for Yadong and gets away from Sandhagen’s counters. Leg kick for Sandhagen. Yadong looking to let his hands go and Sandhagen tries for a takedown that doesn’t work out. Sandhagen does get in close enough to throw a knee to the head though.

Now Sandhagen is into the clinch against the cage. Yadong lands a nice left hand as they break free. Uppercut from Sandhagen. He tries for a the takedown again but can’t get in on the legs.

Yadong steps forward and lands a punch. Head kick attempt from Sandhagen. The left hand of Yadong’s face is covered in blood again.

Punch lands for Yadong, but Sandhagen lands a couple of his own in response. Head movement from Yadong as Sandhagen pumps out the jab.

Nice rip o the body from Sandhagen. He jumps into a knee to the body too.

Round Four:

Doctor is looking at that wide cut Yadong suffered again, but lets him continue.

Kick from Sandhagen. Flurry of punches to the body from Yadong. Leg kick for Sandhagen. Now another punch. He tries for a head kick, but Yadong lands a counter punch.

Solid body kick from Sandhagen. Yadong goes for his own takedown and lands it in the center of the Octagon. he’s in his opponent’s guard and soaking him with his blood. Yadong passing guard, but Sandhagen is able to scramble up and then turns into Yadong to press him into the cage.

Nice trip takedown from Sandhagen, but Yadong gets instantly back to his feet and then lands a nice punch. More punches from Yadong, but then Sandhagen lands solidly and that stops his momentum for a moment.

Nice one-two from Sandhagen. Now a leg kick. He works the jab as Yadong is coming forward. More clean punches for Sandhagen, going for accuracy rather than power as he continues to work on that cut.

Now Sandhagen is able to land a takedown. Sandhagen grinding his forehead into Yadong’s bloodied face. Sandhagen trying to remain active and then stands over Yadong as the round is coming to a close.

Yadong slow to get back up as he wipes at his eye and winces.

Will the doctor let this one go on? That cut is really bad. After the corner’s do their best to clean it up the doctor has another look at it before the start of the fifth round.

“I don’t like the look of this at all,” the doc tells ref Herb Dean, and that’s it, the fight is waved off, Sandhagen wins via TKO at 5.00mins of round four due to that ever expanding cut.

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