Cris ‘Cyborg’ TKO’s Tonya Evinger In Third Round To Win UFC Featherweight Title

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino has become the UFC’s featherweight champion at last after TKO’ing Tonya Evinger with knees in the third round tonight at UFC 214 in Anaheim, California.

Round One:

The first title fight of the evening is underway. Evinger with a leg kick and gets dropped with an immediate counter punch from Cyborg.

She’s right back up and seems ok. Cyborg lands again and Evinger is hurt again by a right hand and stumbles. Again she’s up though and then tries to pull guard, but Cyborg backs away and makes her stand.

Evinger back to landing a leg kick. Cyborg with a flurry. Evinger not looking comfortable at all in these striking exchanges, but she’s hanging in there regardless.

Evinger pumping out the jab now. Spinning kicks miss for Cyborg after Evinger wings on an overhand. Evinger goes in for a takedown against the cage. She takes her time and manages to get Cyborg down for a second, but she gets straight back up.

Evinger continues with this strategy though and does get Cyborg down a second time. However, Cyborg bursts straight back up and lands a good knee.

Cyborg looking to get back to striking range and receives an eye poke which forces a stoppage. Thankfully after a doctor’s check Cyborg says she’s ok to conitnue.

Cyborg lands a leg kick. One in return from Evinger. Cyborg with a body punch and then a heavy knee to the midsection. Evinger clinches up, but Cyborg gets away and threatens again. Evinger backs away.

Body punch for Evinger. She wings on an overhand and then Cyborg comes in with the heavy artillery.

Cyborg coming in again and lands some big shots as Evinger is backed up against the cage. Evinger backs away again. Cyborg landing a couple of leg kicks.

Hard straight right lands big for Cyborg towards the end of the round. Cyborg in close lands a final knee before the horn.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Cyborg. Another one lands inside. And again. Evinger tries for a push kick to get some space. Left hand connects for Cyborg.

Another inside leg kick and then a punch behind it for Cyborg. Right hand for Evinger, but a head kick fires back from Cyborg.

Evinger tries to land a combo, but doesn’t find the target. A little too much hit and hope there. Overhand misses for Evinger. Punch for Cyborg.

Evinger on her knees and Cyborg lands a big knee to the body as she’s getting back up. Evinger misses with the overhand and Cyborg blasts her with a right hand counter.

Inside leg kick again from Cyborg then just misses with a head kick. Big straight left snaps Evinger’s head back. Outside leg kick this time from the Brazilian.

nice head movement from Cyborg as she presses forward then lands a leg kick. Right hand for Cyborg. Now a head kick attempt. Lazy right hand from Evinger.

left hook misses for Cyborg, but she does find a knee to the body. Final 30 seconds of the round. Cyborg with a right hand to the head then just misses with a head kick. Evinger into the clinch against the cage as the round ends. Evinger keeping in there, but hasn’t landed anything to make Cyborg take a backwards step so far in the fight.

Round Three:

Back to the inside leg kick for Cyborg. Evinger connects with a punch. Leg kick again for the Brazilian. Big right staggers Evinger backwards. A head kick lands, but the Invicta FC champ stays upright.

Another right lands and Evinger falls to the mat. She gets back up though. Spinning kick to the body lands for Cyborg. Now a solid jab. A couple of front kicks to the body for Evinger.

Superman punch from Cyborg. She grabs hold of her opponent and launches several big knees, with one to the temple finally signalling the end for Evinger as she slumps to the canvas, leading to the TKO finish with 1.56mins of the third round gone. At long last Cris ‘Cyborg’ is the UFC’s featherweight champion!

Evinger proved her toughness,  but wasn’t able to impose her ground game on Cyborg and simply didn’t have the striking game to keep the Brazilian star at bay.

Now it remains to be seen who else will be brave enough to go up against the new queen of the 145lb division.

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