Cub Swanson Defeats Kron Gracie By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 161

Cub Swanson Outstruck a game Kron Gracie tonight at UFC Fight Night 161 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Swanson’s striking looking sharper in the opening 30 seconds of the round as many predicted.

Body strike for Swanson. Gracie try to find a way in, but Swanson staying out of range after nicely landing another body punch.

Uppercut for Swanson. More nice punches from him. Now a big kick. Another well placed Body kick.

Solid right hand for Swanson. Leg kick, then the body shot. Again he lands it. Gracie getting tagged up here but then lands a right punches in succession to earn some respect.

Another punch lands for Gracie as he closes the distance, but Swanson quickly moves away.

Good counter punch from Swanson. Now back to the hard body shot. He loads up on a big body kick.

Round Two:

Body punche for Swanson and now a leg kick. Solid right hand lands. Gracie not having much success at all so far.

Again Swanson drills the body with punches. Gracie marches forward and presses Swanson up against the cage. He’s able to get away from there quickly now.

Gracie tries to pull guard, but Swanson steps away from that. There body shots from Swanson are brutal, but Gracie keeps marching forward.

Swanson slips,but gets away unscathed. Gracie pulls guard again and this time at least threatens for a second before Swanson stands again.

Swanson with a body punch and right hook. Uppercuts from him now that do well for him. More land and Gracie clears blood out his nose.

Gracie just refusing to stop marching forward and starts to land a few punches. Not only does he connect but he also opens up a cut to Swanson’s right eye before the end of the round.

Round Three:

Gracie with an early punch but then Swanson lands to the body and head. Hard right hook for Swanson.

Head movement from Swanson then a body punch and leg kick. Swanson with a combination of punches and a kick.

Step-in body shot from Swanson. Short series of punches from Gracie, lands with the uppercut and then attempts to pull guard unsuccessfully.

Double jab a a straight for Gracie. Gracie with a throw, but Swanson ends on top regardless. They get straight back up.

Swanson in close range landing punches. Pulling guard again is Gracie. Swanson escapes though and goes back to landing strikes.

Right hook for Gracie. Body strike for Swanson. Straight left for Gracie. Jabs for Swanson. Gracie looking to pull guard and Swanson this time stays tight and stays down with him. However, Swanson doesn’t stay there for long and stands up safely.

Swanson picking his punches nicely in the final seconds of the round and still can’t back up the tough as nails Gracie.


All credit to Gracie for making a fight of this one on the feet, but Swanson was getting the better of the striking exchanges throughout and earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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