Curtis Millender KO’s Thiago Alves With Knee Strike At UFC Fight Night 126

Curtis Millender made a big statement in his promotional debut at UFC Fight Night 126 tonight by KO’ing veteran striker Thiago Alves with a huge knee in the second round.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Millender. He flicks out with a front kick that doesn’t connect. Alves working on the outside, but then steps into a couple of punches, but has yet to find his range against the taller man.

Alves tries for a leg kick, but doesn’t connect. Now he does land a kick. Flying knee from Millender does partially connect.

leg kick for Millender. Alves trying to figure out the distance here. leg kick for Alves, but not with the same venom that we usually see.

Straight left for Millender and that sends Alves back on his heels looking a little wobbled. Millender doesn’t look to capitalize on that though and remains patient from range.

Right hand from Millender and Alves’ legs buckles. He immediately gets back up, but as more offense comes in and an uppercut drops him to the mat in huge trouble.

Alves back up and showing his toughness, but he’s still hurt. Alves throwing kicks and punches as he bites down on his mouthpiece and looks to fight his way out of a terrible spot.

Alves lands a takedown in the final seconds of the round, but even that won’t disguise the fact that this was a nightmare round for him.

Round Two:

Both fighters still looking to strike in the center of the Octagon in the opening stages of the second round.

Solid body kick for Alves. Right hand for Millender. Hard body shot for him as he uses his range advantage well. Jab for Millender and a leg kick for Alves.

Body kick for Alves and then a leg kick to the other side. Body punch for Millender. Leg kick for Alves. Now another one and a body punch again for Millender in response>

Leg kicks continuing to land for Alves, but his punches are proving difficult to land with any realy purpose so far.

In saying that a good right hand does connect for Alves there, but he eats a counter for his troubles. leg kick for Millender and one in return from Alves.

Right hand for Millender. leg kick for Alves. Huge knee for Millender to the chin and it floors Alves hard. ‘Pitbull’ is still conscious, but he looks completely out of it and the ref rightly steps in to end the fight, handing Millender a huge KO victory.

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