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Cynthia Calvillo Earns Decision Victory Over Cortney Casey At UFC On ESPN 1

Cynthia Calvillo opted to work her striking skills tonight to outpoint Cortney Casey on the scorecards at UFC On ESPN 1.

Round One:

Calvillo with a leg kick to start. Another kick lands. Cortney looking for punches. Calvillo steps in and lands a knee and strikes behind it then backs out.

Back to the leg kick for Calvillo and then lands it again. Casey looking to land, but not finding the mark as Calvillo connects with a glancing counter left.

Uppercut counter from Casey. Inside leg kick apiece. A couple of right hands get through for Casey. Knee for Calvillo. Another punch lands for Casey.

Inside leg kick for Calvillo. Now a right hand to the head. Calvillo catches a body kick attempt and uses that to knock her off-balance to the mat, but she gets straight back up.

Body shots for Calvillo. Good punch to the chin from Calvillo now. Casey tsruggling to find her range against the always moving calvillo.

Round Two:

Calvillo with kicks that don’t quite find the mark. Low kick for Casey and punches upstairs in return from Calvillo. Inside leg kick from Calvillo.

Right hand glances Casey’s chin. Overhand right for Calvillo. Calvillo attacks to the legs again. Calvillo clinches up now and is looking for a takedown here. Casey is able to defend though and prevent it.

One-two for Calvillo. Punch and a kick from Casey. Leg kick for her. one for Calvillo. Right hand for Casey. Left connects for Calvillo.

Low leg kick for Casey. Casey continues to work for kicks as Calvillo steps into range and lands a few punches to end the round.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt from Casey that’s blocked. Right hand for Casey. Leg kick for Calvillo. Right hand gets through for her.

Low leg kick from Casey. Well timed knee for Casey, but Calvillo stll gets in to the clinch against the cage. Calvillo lands a knee to the body before they break apart.

Leg kick for Calvillo. She catches a kick, but can’t get Casey down. Casey lands a kick. Superwoman punch from Calvillo. A lot punches missing here from Casey. leg kick does land though.

Calvillo a little out of range as she tries to land punches. Leg kick for Calvillo. Side kick to the body from Calviloo. Nice right hand off the backfoot from Calvillo. Right hand for Casey.

Final seconds of the round and both ladies start throwing heavy leather at each other to end the fight on a high.


The judges have rendered their verdict and it’s Calvillo who emrges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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