Dan Ige Knocks Out Damon Jackson In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 217

Dan Ige bossed the striking exchanges against Damon Jackson tonight at UFC Fight Night 217 and then delivered a big KO finish in the second round courtesy of a powerful left hook.

Round One:

Body kick for Jackson. He goes in close and looks for sort punches, but one punch from Ige in return drops him just for a brief moment.

Back on the feet and Jackson is a bit more cautious about going forward now. Ige being patient but Landing hard when he does throw.

Hard punch to the body and one upstairs from Ige. He lands a one-two. Jackson attempts a knee that misses as Ige goes for punches.

Leg kick for Ige. Head kick attempt from Jackson doesn’t pay off. Ige with a high kick of his own now.

Jackson goes for a single leg, but Ige defends it and lands a few short uppercuts as he does so. However he then pushes away with an open hand that may have grazed Jackson’s eye and forces a stoppage to give him time to recover.

They resume and Ige lands a big right and then a left. Flurry from Ige but doesn’t find a home for much of it that time.

Outside leg kick for Jackson. He’s circling around on the outside of the cage as Ige stalks him. Hard body kick from Ige.

Right hand gets through for Ige. Knee to the body from Jackson there and almost caught Ige as he was ducking down.

Ripping punches from Ige. He lands a nice left hand. Ige drives into a takedown in the final 10 seconds and lands it nicely.

Round Two:

Jackson’s corner urging him to the get the fight to the mat, but let’s see how he gets on with that.

Jackson with a head kick attempt. Light flurry at close range, but Ige was covering up.

Ige coming forward and Jackson looks for hooks and then a leg kick. Ige with a big uppercut and moves into the clinch, but not for long.

Leg kick for Ige. Head kick attempt from Jackson with some power behind it, but Ige blocks it. Big connection from Ige and jackson is now bleeding from high up on the head down into his left eye.

Head kick attempt from Ige. Ige digs hard to the body. Now a big left hand for Ige that landed clean. Chopping leg kick on the outside as he continues to land every strike with authority.

Jackson with a flurry but Ige keeps his guard tight. Right hand for Jackson and a kick.

Ige lands a punch and Jackson throws too. Jackson closes the distance and Ige throws a powerful left hook that collapses his opponent in a heap on the canvas for a big KO finish at 4.13mins of the second round!

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