Dana White Calls Cris Cyborg Altercation With Angela Magana ‘Very Serious’

UFC president Dana White has described an altercation between Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino and Angela Magana in Las Vegas at the weekend that resulted in a punch being thrown as, “very serious.”

“Obviously we’re looking more into that,” White told reporters at the tryouts for ‘The Ultimate Fighter 26.’ “It’s very serious. We’ll see what happens.

“This is a thing that the district attorney and police are handling right now. There’s way more to that than just what am I thinking about.”

‘Cyborg’ had confronted Magana over a series of posts she’d made mocking the Brazilian star on social media, and as tempers boiled over Justino threw a punch that split her rival’s lip.

Police were called and ‘Cyborg’ was charged with misdemeanor battery, though the Clark County district attorney’s office still has to decide whether to go ahead with the case.

If they do decide to proceed, ‘Cyborg’ could face up to a six-month jail sentence and $1,000 fine.

Meanwhile, despite having received a negative reaction from many fans and several other prominent female fighters for her cyber-bullying campaign against ‘Cyborg’, Magana appears to be eager to see her attacker get punished to the full extent of the law.

“Its so incredibly wrong to cheap shot someone,” Magana wrote yesterday. “If we were in Australia when I was cheap shotted its mandatory 10 years in prison I believe.

“U cnt hit some1.It causes injury more when not expected.10 yr old from gym in PR wld damage any1. Let alone roid monkey.I got a civil lawyer.

“After talkin 2 DA and them retaining facts and talking 2 my civil lawyer I think cyborg will get felony charges you can’t injure some1.”

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